Vinta Nanda on Alok Nath – “I allowed him to violate me because I needed the job”

Alok Nath

It is no more shocking to read names of respected, at least as per public image, being called out by women daily under the #MeToo Moment in India.

Veteran film and television star, Alok Nath name is the latest that has come to the fore after being accused of rape and sexual harassment.

TV writer, producer and director Vinta Nanda has hinted at the actor of harassing and raping her during her old production ‘Tara’ in the 90s. Although, she has not named the actor, the description given, she has referred to the “actor” as ‘most sanskari person in film and television industry’.

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Hum Aapke Hai Kaun – 1995

As per Vinta’s Facebook post, the day when they had to take his last shot, the actor came drunk on the sets. He continued to drink till the time he was called for the shot. When the moment came and the camera rolled, he felt up their female lead very viciously. The actor then had even slapped him. Immediately they asked him to leave the sets and told him that he was not going to be on the show any longer.

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With Navneet Nishan in Tara

She added,

“I was invited to a party to this mans house, his wife, my best friend was out of town. It was usual for our group of friends from theatre to meet regularly so there was nothing unusual about my going to the party. As the evening flowed, my drinks were mixed and I began to feel strange. Then at around 2am I left his house. Nobody followed me or offered to drop me home, which was what was rather unusual.All I knew at the time was that I had to get home. I could sense it wouldn’t be right for me to stay thee any longer. I started to walk home on the empty streets although the distance to my own house was long. Midway I was accosted by this man who was driving his own car and he asked me to sit in it and said he would drop me home. I trusted him and sat in his car. I have faint memory after that. I can remember more liquor being poured into my mouth and I remember being violated endlessly.”

She said, “When I woke up the next afternoon, I was in pain. I hadn’t just been raped, I was taken to my own house and had been brutalised. I couldn’t get up for my bed (sic).”

Shephali Bhatt, a journalist with Economic Times, tweeted about Nanda’s post along with screen shots of what she had expressed.

The tweet received 2.3k retweets and 2.4k Likes within a few of hours, with the platform users expressing shock, embarrassment and even anger over this narrated incident.

We checked Alok Nath’s Twitter timeline, in case he has reacted to the allegations, however, the same was only filled with retweets for Blood Donation.

But what we are confident about is there won’t be any more memes on Father’s Day for this Bollywood’s Babuji.



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