Bigg Boss 12 : Anup Jalota has become more popular than Salman Khan


Bigg Boss 12 is already making headlines. In fact some have even quoted him to be a bigger sensation than the host Salman Khan in this season of Bigg Boss.

With Jalota and Jasleen Matharu’s relationship taking internet by storm, online forums have mixed reaction to their relation. Several jokes and comments, some not in great taste have been floating around on various social media platforms.

We begin with an entire ‘Land of Envy’ blog being dedicated by Suhel Seth to the ghazal maestro. In his blog, he quoted,

What sin has Anup Jalota committed except to fall in love and that too with a woman many years his younger? Most men, methinks, are dying of pure jealousy: miserable that they can’t do the same with as much élan and so much publicity.  And the same is the story with Twitter bachelors and Twitter spinsters not to mention those dolts on Twitter who have no life of their own and wish to prey on other’s happiness.

Sumit Kadel, Film Trade Analyst and Critic wrote,

“I respect Anup Jalot ji a lot, but according to me he has lost all the respect he has earned over the years.”

He also wished Jalota, ‘a sexy time in the house of Bigg Boss’.

Kamaal R. Khan who calls himself KRK (like SRK of Bhojpuri cinema), compared Swami Om to Jalota and said public will forget the former and remember Jalota forever. He also informed everyone that Jalota has already been married thrice before.

Another ghazal singer, Talat Aziz, came out in strong defence of his friend of 40 years and said,

“Everyone is human, let us not forget that”

Jalota tweeted back thanking Aziz for supporting the couple.

She The People, India’s digital storytelling platform for women, tweeted,

“When will our lives be free from this incessant policing curtailing our right to be happy, in the nam eof morality?”

Many people have become a moral police in deciding how a 65 year old man should lead his personal life, while some have taken to light humour. We share a few jokes with you floating on twitter.

Disclaimer : Please take them as Jokes only!




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