Both right & left wing supporters call out for serious medical help for Arnab Goswami; some even post numbers of mental asylum

Arnab Goswami Exit Polls 2019

Exit Polls were announced by several media channels on Sunday, May 19. Most TV channels came up with their utmost bizarre way to grab maximum TRPs through their theatrics.

Republic TV run by Studio Journalist Arnab Goswami faced terrible ridicule on social media as he displayed a panel of 15 guests in a single frame. While Goswami is usually mocked by Congress supporters, the video which went viral also had several BJP and right-wing supporters calling out for a serious medical treatment for Arnab.

The video shared by one Twitter user by the name of Chowkidar Dhaval Patel, arguably a Modi fan who has prefixed ‘Chowkidar’ in his name, captioned the tweet as:

“Koi to rok lo Arnab ko”

(Someone please stop Arnab) 

The reactions on this video went viral with 3.2k retweets and nearly 7k likes.

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In the video Arnab goes on to say:

“If Narendra Modi gets 300+ seats, then you call the elections rigged…Because people have dumped Rahul baba and Priyanka Vadra in dustbin, elections were rigged.”

“…..Because Kejriwal did not get 100 votes in Delhi, elections were rigged…because Smriti Irani has given such a tough fight to Rahul that he may lose…..Sonia Gandhi is in tension is Rae Bareli…”

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He then gets even more excited, gets up from his seat and starts walking towards the camera repeating:

“I will keep saying….In West Bengal even after so much violence, 80% people voted for BJP……that’s why you call elections rigged…..I will keep saying……”

In the end, he walks back towards his panelists who disagreed with his analysis……….and starts screaming,

“Khade ho kar Maafi Maangye…..khade ho kar Maafi Maangye”

(Stand up and Apologise…..Stand up and Apologise)

Freedom of Speech empowers every single individual in India to express their views openly. As a citizen, choice is yours! Watch diligently what spreads ‘unity’ not hate.

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