This is how Manforce Condoms trolled Arnab Goswami after he accidentally said Sunny Leone instead of Sunny Deol

Sunny Leone, Arnab Goswami, Sunny Deol

Yesterday when the entire nation “Wanted to Know” who was leading the Lok Sabha Election Results 2019, Arnab Goswami of the Republic TV became a piece of news himself.

Goswami, who runs a hardcore pro-BJP and Congress bashing channel seemed excited and jubilant as his favoured party BJP was zooming ahead by the minute. While anchoring one of his shows during the day, Arnab and the panelist were discussing lead trends of the Lok Sabha elections. This is when Arnab accidentally took the name of porn star turned Bollywood Actor Sunny Leone instead of actor-turned-politician Sunny Deol.….and the netizens went simply crazy!

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Bharatiya Janata Party’s Sunny Deol was contesting elections for the first time from Punjab’s Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency. While talking about the vote count and early trends from Punjab, Arnab Goswami had a major foot-in-mouth moment when he said:

“Sunny Leone…Sunny Deol is leading from Gurdaspur”

 The matter would not have blown out of proportion but it was Sunny Leone who sportingly tweeted:

Leading by How many votes ???? 😉 😜

Sunny (Leone) who is more popular than Narendra Modi on her internet trends received several responses which made all cheer up amidst the rising seat-counting tensions.

However, one such tweet which couldn’t go unnoticed was a tweet from the official handle of Manforce Condoms. The popular condom company wrote:

Sunny on our mind.

They also took another dig with their hilarious tweet:

Hope you’re not tired with all the running that you do in our minds. ❤️

Along with their tweets, Manforce Condoms, also attached the below picture mocking Arnab!

Well well………..netizens just need a reason to troll and here are the few hysterically funny comments which came for Arnab!

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Both right & left wing supporters call out for serious medical help for Arnab Goswami; some even post numbers of mental asylum




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