Bangalore’s Latest Dining Venue Can Literally Blow Your Mind Away!

Fly Dine Restaurant - Bangalore

What is your idea of a Romantic Dinner? Atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris or one of the Sky towers in different cities of the world? Well you need not dream so far….

Our very own Bangalore city has launched its first ever ‘Fly Dining Experience’ at the Nagwara Backside Lumbini Garden.

The concept is all about a ‘hanging restaurant’ which can be unique yet safe. The arrangement provides visitors with a long table where diners sit across each other while being catered with one of the most refined experiences while having a meal.

You need not be a known name or a Page 3 celeb to be a part of this adventure. Just book a spot for yourself and indulge in a memorable ambience thereafter.

You Must Know This Before Getting Excited With The Below Images :

  • This is 160 feet high or approximately at a height equivalent to that of a 16 storey building
  • The table will rotate at 360° but very slowly
  • You will be able to cover your vision with beautiful aerial views of Hebbal’s Nagavara Lake, Manyata Tech Park and also the green belt in the surrounding vicinity
  • However, you may want to skip this hanging restaurant if you are scared of heights or have a vertigo problem. A dinner should be memorable not forgettable 🙂
  • Although, there is a provision to bring you back to the ground within a minute in case of an emergency
  • Can you take your kids along? Yes of course, there is no age restriction but they are particular about the height requirement which is 135cm or approximately 4 ft 5 inches
  • Safety is of utmost importance for this venue and you will be strapped up properly before you get elevated
  • There is even a provisional safety area right below, so you need not worry about anyone getting hurt

How Many People can be accompanied on the table at one time?

The table can accommodate upto a maximum of 22 persons at one time. Either you can choose a seat-in option or book the entire table for family and friends in one go.


You will have nearly 4-5 staff members at your service, including chefs, bartenders and a possible photographer too who will capture some cherishing moments while you dine!

What Can I expect on my plate?

There’s a pre-set menu which could include grilled chicken with either sautéed veggies or herbed rice, some croquettes and bright crispy bruschetta. You will be served a healthy fruit bowl when you order your mocktails.

Generally the mocktail session can last upto half an hour which comprises of a tempting drink and some munching snackies.

What Could It Cost Me To Impress A Loved One?

You could end up paying Rs. 3,999 per person for a mocktail session while the dining experience will cost you Rs. 6,999 individually (both inclusive of taxes).

The Fly Dining Restaurant is not particularly about food but largely about a unique experience which must be explored once for sure!

Check out a short video that we came across by an internet user who visited the venue recently:

Other such similar venues can be found at the Marina of Dubai, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Villa Borghese in Rome, Athens, Copacabana Beach in Brazil and South Africa’s very vibrant Cape Town city. ‘Dinner in the Sky’ is a Belgian Based experience that has created more than 5,000 events in almost 40 cities across the globe. However, there is no affiliation of this brand with the Bangalore setting.
The Marina of Dubai

We are already planning with our spouses and loved ones!


What About You?
Fly Dine Restaurant



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