Chetan Bhagat Rubbishes Ira Trivedi’s Accusations, Tweets Proof; #MeToo

Chetan Bhagat with Ira Trivedi

On 6th October, a Twitter user posted a couple of screen shots of private whatsapp messages between noted author Chetan Bhagat and an unknown girl. As per the tweet, these messages were sent somewhere in 2012-13.

Chetan Bhagat  publicly apologised for his phase or moment, as he described in his Facebook post then.
Chetan Bhagat with Wife Anusha

Couple of days ago, writer Ira Trivedi accused Bhagat and author Suhel Seth for sexually harassing her almost a decade ago. Not just Trivedi, but multiple women have lobbed charges of sexual misconduct against both the men.

According to her, Bhagat had ‘tried to plant a kiss on her lips’ on inviting her for tea at the India International Centre, nearly 10 years ago, for as he said, “a kiss was his prerogative” for buying a hundred copies of her books and donating them to a library in Pune.

On Monday morning, Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter slamming media reports of publishing just one sided story put out by Ira.

Twitterati woke up to a slew of tweets by Bhagat who posted screenshots of a ‘self-explanatory’ email sent by Trivedi in 2013.

Bhagat posed an open question to all the media and his followers saying,

“So who kissed whom,”

The author of The Girl in Room 105 began his Twitter thread, referring to the email and claimed the charges levelled against him as ‘false’.
Mumbai: Writer Chetan Bhagat with author Ira Trivedi during the launch of the latter’s book ‘Gumrah -The End of innocence’ in Mumbai

The email that Bhagat shared screenshots of, had a seemingly warm message which ended with a line that read, ‘miss u kiss u’ (SIC), apparently sent by Ira Trivedi.

Bhagat also said that a person’s reputation is their most prized asset and it takes a lifetime of work to earn. He also called out Ira’s accusations as motivated and fake which is only the sickest thing a person can do.

He urged his followers and others to treat him respectfully after all the abuses that were hurled on him in the past few days.

Bhagat also said that he was he may go silent on twitter after putting out this email note, however, he won’t be shamed or silenced.

He added that he is not a vindictive person and wanted to be left alone with his family. He extended his love to all who supported him and assured of not letting anyone down.

Calling the #MeToo movement a ‘smear campaign, Bhagat asked his followers to ‘not harm a movement with fake charges’ and requested people to stop believing ‘nonsense’.

Ira Trivedi has not responded to Chetan Bhagat’s tweets as yet.
Ira Trivedi



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