Kejriwal’s hypocrisy exposed: Delhi govt invites #MeToo accused Kailash Kher on 6th anniversary of Nirbhaya

Protests for Nirbhaya in Delhi - 2012

The Delhi Government is organising a three-day cultural festival ‘Mayur Utsav-2018’ from 14th to 16th December at different venues in Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Phase II & Phase III in East Delhi. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, had announced that the grand event will have high energy performance by the Indian film music composer and pop – rock based singer – Kailash Kher.

Kher has been one of the men accused in the ongoing #MeToo campaign in India. In October, social media users had poured out their stories against the singer, which was the backed by many.



On hearing about Delhi government’s official invite to Kher for performing at the festival, singer Sona Mohapatra, who too had accused Kher of inappropriate behaviour, demanded his immediate withdrawal from the festival. Sona has even started a petition #WhyKailashKher, to garner support. She tweeted:


“The performance is scheduled for Sunday,16th December, so we have to act now to make sure that this festival celebrates #Delhi, it’s citizens, Delhi’s #women and not an accused in the movement. Sign this petition”



Today, she further tagged the Delhi CM and Deputy CM saying

“Close to 7000 people had signed her petition in the last 36 hours & it went to show that people cared and would not want a serial predator to be celebrated by you & . Please do listen to your people”

What became more ironical is that Arvind Kejriwal even tweeted this morning, remembering the brutal rape and murder case of Nirbhaya exactly six years ago. He said,

“Six years ago on this day one of the most brutal and worst crime was committed in the history of Delhi. Only way to keep the brave Nirbhaya alive in our minds is to ensure a strong struggle for women safety despite all hurdles in our way.”

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To this Sona attacked Kejriwal directly saying,

“Wah, Arvind Kejriwal, how proudly you lend your government’s name to a show featuring a molester. Kailash Kher has multiple allegations of misconduct and harassment against him and you’ve got him performing even after government employees protested this.”


In another tweet, she wrote:

“Dear Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal, multiple women including minors have come out in the public with their #MeToo stories against this predator Kailash Kher and you choose to rub this kind of insult to injury? Do you care so little for 50 per cent of your population?”


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Anna MM Vetticad, Author of “The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic”, tweeted questioning the dual face of the Delhi government asking citizens to keep the memory of the horrific Nirbhaya case alive, however, encouraging a sexual predator accused, to perform at the fest organised by none other but themselves.



While Kailash is looking forward to his performance on Sunday at the fest, as per his email interview to IANS, he also added that it would be nostalgic and emotional for him to sing for his people on his “homeground” of Delhi’s Mayur Vihar, which he calls the land of his elders.


Nonetheless, the outpour continues over social media, which is calling out the hypocrisy of the Delhi government that wants the women to believe that they are safe.



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In fact not only AAP, but BJP government and Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju, too could stop singing praises for the tainted Kailash Kher last month, when he personally took to twitter to thank Kher for honouring his request for a performance at the Papum Poma River Festival in Arunachal Pradesh.

Not only for the performance, but Rijiju also used Kher to spread the message of ‘Swachh Bharat’ on the next day after his show.





“Thank You Suhel Seth For Not Raping Me That Night” – Film Director #MeToo








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