Twitter asks Farhan Akhtar “KYA TUM MANTALLY CHALLENGED HO MY BWOY”? He comes back with a classic reply

Farhan Akhtar

Actor Farhan Akhtar who is vocal about his political views on social media platform Twitter, got trolled mercilessly today for his tweet on BJP Candidate form Madhya Pradesh, Pragya Thakur.

Akhtar urged people of Bhopal not to vote for Pragya who hailed Mahatma Gandhi’s assasinator, Nathuram Godse, as a patriot. He quoted:

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“Dear electorate of Bhopal, it’s time for you to save your city from another full-of-gas tragedy.

The actor was referring to the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, where an estimated 3,000 people died in what was one of the world’s worst industrial disasters. He also warned voters against Pragya Thakur’s candidature.

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But ignorant Farhan wasn’t spared by online trolls as he was late by a week in posting his tweet for the constituency of Bhopal. Lok Sabha polls were already through for Thakur’s constituency on May 12.

This is how BJP and right-wing supporters attacked him:

However, the very witty and poetic Farhan took the criticism in his stride and decided not to delete the incorrect tweet randomly. He chose to come back with a reply that is now winning much love from his fans.

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After a span of about seven hours of his factually erroneous tweet, Farhan wrote:

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“Humne taareek galat samjhi toh galaa pakad liya, Jisne itihaas galat samjha use galey laga rahe ho.

(You went all out to catch someone who got confused with the dates, whereas, you love embracing those who have got confused with history)

Now that’s a big thumbs up 👍 for the sporting spirit of our reel life Milkha Singh!

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