Have You Heard of Wedding Tourism in India?

Join My Wedding

Weddings in India can be a super expensive affair, especially when you are planning a lavish one.

The extravagant event could be either a one day gathering or generally spread over 3-5 days. A mix of various ceremonies starting from Sangeet (music and dance night) to food, traditional attire clubbed with emotions that run high………all are a feast to witness.




Such experiences are not limited only to guests who have been invited. The same is taken to an all new level where international tourists visiting India could be present at your functions and even pay you for the same! The foreigners have keen interest in the culture of any country that they tour. For them, attending the extravaganza and traditional ceremonies is something exceptionally unique. They get an opportunity to witness a Live Indian Wedding, gaining rich memories when they go back home.

But how can these foreign tourists experience such occasions? It is almost impossible unless they know someone, which could be rare. An interesting concept has been initiated by Co-founders Orsi Parkanyi from Australia and Márti Matécsa from Europe. The duo have put up a web portal called Join My Wedding” (JMW). The new Indian start-up specialises in selling your gate pass to some of the best culture-rich weddings of India.  Parkanyi says that it is a safe experience for all. The tourists can take advantage of attending an event amongst hundreds of people, yet be looked after as distinguished guests. She further adds that it is the cultural experience that lures them to be a part of such gatherings.


Join My Wedding


Also, the guests and hosts do not just meet directly at the event. They are introduced to each other before the wedding so that they can blend with all and be an equal part of the great grand wedding. Once there, they fully immerse themselves in each and every ceremony, clicking pictures, dancing, relishing the mouth watering cuisines and much more.

And wait……..They even pay you for this! We are not joking! This is a proper commercial arrangement between the portal, tourists and the hosts. Travelers can purchase their tickets online for different ceremonies they wish to attend. Some may chose to attend the actual wedding, some could be a part of the reception day.

The Wedding Tourism, as it is fondly encouraged, could vary from approximately $150 for a day to $250 for a 2-3 day ticket. The pricing includes entry, wedding related activities, all meals including taxes. The same does not provide transportation or accomodation.

What Should I Wear?

The foreign tourists generally ask about the attire and JMW recommends a traditional local outfit so that they can be completely one with the celebrations.

Am I Expected to Take A Present?

This is not mandatory. However, you may take something personalised or a souvenir from your country if your please.




The portal has managed to sell tickets to more than 100 different weddings across India currently and the concept developed after one of their co-founders from Europe had experienced a similar impression at a wedding in Tamil Nadu sometime ago.

As Indians, the best thing we can impart is our warmth and hospitality and JMW is one such opportunity for us to display our strength for the Atithis (the Guests of India)!





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