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Mozambique is one of the countries located in the southern part of the African continent. The country shares its Northern border with Tanzania, while the Southern part meets one of the largest countries of Africa, South Africa along with Malawi, while Zimbabwe and Zambia are the Western neighbours.
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The country is well-known for its endless sandy coastline along the Indian Ocean. Mozambique has land borders. This beautiful country once was ruled by Portuguese colonials, so once you get there, you will notice a significant impact of Portuguese culture on people and architecture.




The beautiful African island is approximately 6635 kms away from India which is less than the distance from India to London that happens to be approximately 7500 kms. The are several flights from India to Maputo, Mozambique with a halt either in Dubai, Ethiopia and so on.



The climate of Mozambique are influenced by the monsoons from the Indian Ocean. The dry season, in the Centre/North lasts for about four to six months in a year, whereas the dry tropical climate lasts between six and nine months in the South. The hot current of the Mozambique Canal, is generally tropical and humid. In the mountainous areas, the climate is typical of tropical conditions to be found at high altitudes and the average temperatures are around 20º in the South and 26º in the North.

One should consider visiting the country between May to November which happens to be winter season on the island. It is advisable to go to Mozambique during cooler temperatures where there are least chances of rain. December to April are the wet months when the country moves to summer season. However, the rains are brief after which the sun comes out again and you may not witness vigorous downpours.




Mozambique offers a Visa on Arrival for just $50 valid for a period of 30 days from the date on arrival.
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Maputo Special Reserve

You can opt for a full-day Maputo Special Reserve Small-Group Tour, 90kms away from the city and witness many hippos, elephants, and elephants that roam the park. This can be one of the most enchanting experiences while you  benefit from guided commentary on the park’s flora and fauna as you travel.
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The Maputo Special Reserve is also known as Maputo Elephant Reserve, however, you can have many other reasons to visit the park. You may catch a glimpse of a lion lounging in the long grass while you enjoy your drive in a 4×4 vehicle through the African adventure. The wilderness and stunning views cannot be missed.
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Machilla Magic

This happens to be a ‘Fair Trade Tourism’ Certified community project that works with over 60 artists and their families in Vilankulo (Mozambique) and its surrounding area. This place sells an appealing selection of reasonably priced handicrafts, 95% of which are made from reclaimed or recycled materials. They work on a Fair Trade system with their Artists and all raw materials are harvested in a sustainable way. Prices could start at less than one US Dollar.
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You can opt to visit a small lake which is 18.73 miles away and serves as home to the last of Bazaruto Island’s crocodiles. While at the lake, you will see some of the island’s most amazing dunes.
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Maputo City

The city that has undergone several cultural, political, and social changes over time. While taking a city tour you will realise how the old merges with the modern aspects of the place as it is constantly evolving.
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The country may have gone through extreme tough times, the city and country have ensured through their great efforts to transform the city into more of a modern while still retaining its originality and history.
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The city and country’s history has involved many people from different parts of the world, and as a result, gastronomy plays a critical part of life and culture here.
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Mozambique boasts a number of islands and archipelagos, with pristine beaches and abundant marine life.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Ibo Island, Inhaca Island, Ilha de Mocambique and Quirimbas Archipelago are some of the top and must visit islands in this African country.


Some of the best beaches will be found at the Bazaruto Island Archipelago that comprises a cluster of five tropical islands featuring exceptional natural beauty and top-class accommodation. From the utter powdery and white Mozambique beaches to the incredible coral reefs and varied marine life, this island attraction is ideal for romantic, honeymooners or even family holidays. Most of the tourist who visit South Africa happen to club Bazaruto Islands in their itinerary. You also have a choice of regular flights between Johannesburg and Kruger National Park and Vilanculos which form the gateway to the islands.
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Islands could often end up looking the same that throw up shades of blue and green with a contrast of whites at the shore. However, every island has its own culture and uniqueness which a traveller must feel and sense through his stay amidst the waters.
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