You Need To Now Pay ‘Extra Charges’ For Indigo Airlines Web Check-in


Low Cost airline Indigo initiated a new charge for web check-in services under a revised policy with effect from 14th November, 2018.

The same has not been appreciated by passengers since web check-in service is merely blocking your confirmation before you reach the airport. Customers insist that charging additionally for a seat they have already paid is unfair.
Indigo Airlines

Today, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to review the move by the airline, to charge for web check-in services under the revised policy. The official handle of Ministry of Civil Aviation tweeted that the Ministry had noted that airlines were now charging for web check-in for all seats. The tweet mentioned that the ministry is reviewing these fees to access whether they fall within the unbundled pricing framework.

Many customers expressed their contention on these charges. Some also mocked the airlines for charging for something as basic for which they had already paid.

On Sunday, one of the customers for Indigo airlines named Salil, had tweeted confirming if the airline had started charging for web check-in services. He also said that one cannot select a seat for web check-in unless you paid for the same now.

The airline did respond to Salil stating that as per the revised policy, all seats will be chargeable for web check-in. The clarification also suggested that one could always check-in for free at the airport directly. However, Indigo also said that seats will be assigned as per the availability.

Earlier, passengers did pay a web check-in fee, however, only for a few select seats such as emergency door exits, which has larger leg space. Although now, a passenger is expected to pay for any seat he chooses to block through web check-in.

Another customer questioned the airline, if it is guaranteed that the tickets booked together on the same PNR will be allocated seats together?

To this, the airline responded saying this was not guaranteed. The customer needs to select the seats while doing web check-in. The pre-book option will allow you to reserve the seat in case you are travelling together. Depending on the availability, you can choose to opt for your seats at the airport without cost.

Many customers were prompt to give Indigo a thumbs down for this new practice.

The above levied charges certainly raise a question mark on the viability of Digital India. On one hand government is promoting paperless transactions in every field, however, by allowing such additional costs for going online will only deter the citizens to upgrade to technology in the future.

Also, most of the passengers will not opt to pay additionally, thereby, only creating a chaos at the airports.




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