Sui Dhaaga lead stars signed for promoting Skill India Mission

Sui Dhaaga Star Cast

Sui Dhaaga will be the latest release of Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan. However, the title has an extension, and will be referred to as Sui Dhaaga – Made in India

The movie is dedicated to India’s entrepreneurs and skilled workforce, especially especially home-grown artisans, craftspeople and weavers who are making the country proud the world over.

Dhawan plays a tailor named Mauji and Anushka plays his wife and embroiderer Mamta. Both of them exhibit innocence, yet are highly ambitious and dream big of making a name for themselves.

Considering the theme of the film, the Sui Dhaaga lead stars have been signed on to promote and endorse the Skill India Mission, pet project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The film highlights the untapped potential of India’s talented craftsmen and skilled workers at the grass-root level and the challenges and issues faced by them. Varun and Anushka, the star cast of the film, have partnered Skill India and will dedicate time to promote India’s skilled talent and their fine work by engaging with them across different parts of the country, as per Bollywood Hungama.

Speaking about this association, Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, said,

“Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma, through this unique film Sui Dhaaga – Made in India, are bringing to focus the incredible skills and talent of our home-grown artisan and craftsmen community. It is really heartening to see actors like them doing a film that has such a significant social message. India is one of the youngest countries in the world; and it is a matter of great pride for us to see such dedicated and passionate skilled youth with entrepreneurial skills in our country who are bringing name and fame to the nation with their work.”

“I wish this endorsement by both actors encourages and influences the youth to take up skill training and earn a better livelihood for themselves and help us in creating the New India envisioned by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi,” he further added.

Led by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Skill India aims to standardize vocational training — both new-age and traditional skills — helps in creation of latest infrastructure, ensures industry partnerships to extend technology support to make the youth more employable and assists in creating opportunities of employment for the youth of our country. Bollywood Hungama also quoted that this has led to more than 1 crore youth joining the Skill India Mission every year and transforming their lives through better livelihood.

Varun Dhawan said,

“Prime Minister Modi has displayed incredible vision and genuine foresight in aiming to organise, skill, train and give financial support and backing to our craftsmen, artisans and similar workmen. We are proud to be promoting this campaign that we feel extremely close to like our movie Sui Dhaaga that celebrates self-reliance and entrepreneurship’’

Anushka Sharma added,

“Skill India Campaign reflects the government’s determination to include and support the talented skilled force of the country. While making Sui Dhaaga, we came across so many stories of talented, skilled crafts people and artisans who don’t get a fair chance to showcase their talents.”

It will be interesting to note Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli had shared a video few months ago, where his wife Anushka Sharma was seen scolding a man for littering garbage on the road. Anushka was trolled then for shaming a man and also making his identity public. She was also questioned if she was trying to please the ruling government by promoting the incident as a “Swachh Bharat Campaign” stunt.

Arhhan Singh the man in question had put out a strong post saying,

“A little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn’t have made u a lesser star !! Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine. So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful AnushkaSharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person!”

He further wrote, “While I’m apologetic for my carelessness, Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn’t have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them !”

“The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my luxury car… Was way less than the garbage that came out from your mouth… From ur luxury car’s window… Or the trashy mind Virat Kohli to shoot and post this online… For whatever gains…Now thats some SERIOUS TRASH!!!” he concluded.
Singh’s Facebook Post


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