Video – Taimur Screams NO NO NO!

Taimur Ali Khan

We as a portal had decided not to cover the utterly cute Taimur who is already so exposed to the shutterbugs. But his latest video is simply adorable!

Taimur was born to Bollywood Super Stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan in December 2016. Through his two years, he has been snapped almost everytime any media even catches the sight of his arm, but the little one has always faced the cameras, with a smile most of the times.

However, star kids can have star tantrums as well! And why not! He had been invited to a Halloween Bash in Bandra hosted by Salman Khan’s sister. Arpita had organised the gathering with many kids for her son Ahil.

However, Taimur behaved differently this time when he stepped out of the party along with his nanny. Someone, who has always enjoyed the attention of the photographers around him and even happily given poses in the past, seemed to be in an irritated mood this time.

Dressed in a cape to complete his vampire look, Taimur was murmuring something to his nanny. In the meantime, we can hear some friends from media calling out his name, “Taimur, Taimur….” asking him to wave to the camera and say Hi!

To this baby Khan threw a fit and snapped at the photographers. In the video you can see his angst while screaming “No, No, No….” Seeing this, his nanny quickly picked him up and took him away to the car.

Taimur has been the number one favourite starkid of any media channel who covers entertainment and lifestyle. Infact the internet sensation has got so used to the paparazzi that he even knows how to make up for a headline image!

While his father Saif has never objected to Taimur being clicked all around, his mother Kareena did express her views in an interview to Rajdeep Sardesai earlier this year. She said she was worried about every movement of his being captured, his clothes and hairstyle being discussed daily by the press, at an age when he is just 14 months old.





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