Man receives 100 times more salary credit

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All because of decimal point error

How good were you as a student of Math? Did you make silly mistakes at school while placing the decimal points? Your teacher would have definitely warned you about how easy it is to make mistakes in a subject like Tally or Mathematics.

An Australian worker just got lucky due to one such error. The mistake of placing a decimal incorrectly by a data entry operator, resulted in the Australian employee getting 100 times more credit than his normal salary. Instead of A$4,921.76 (Rs. 253,788), he got paid A$492,176 (Rs. 25,382,792) just due to wrong placement of a decimal point.
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But we would say that the employer in this case was luckier than the employee. The latter did not keep mum about this. Listening to his conscience, he immediately pointed out the error and returned the extra sum wrongly credited to him.

Besides the incorrect data entry, the auditor general’s report said,

The failure to deal with a system-generated alert added to the issue.

Effectively, the report blamed two human errors – the incorrect data entry in the first place and then the failure to deal with a system-generated alert.

The man’s residence was at a considerable distance from the bank, and thus he took a while to make the repayment, as reported by Yahoo News.

It seems overpayment is a trend in the territory, as between July-2017 and January-2018, it was done 743 times! Out of that, A$767,000 (Rs. 3cr) has been returned, noted a report.

The Department of Corporate and Information Services said overpayments represented about 0.2% of the 1.2m payroll transactions it made in the Northern Territory’s government each year. It further said it had put in place several system enhancements to prevent such large overpayments from happening again.



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