4-Year-Old Indian Boy Dies on Oman Air Plane Mid-Air

Yahya Puthiyapurayil

A thirteen-member Indian family was travelling on board an Oman Air flight on Monday from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Kozhikode (Kerala) after performing their Umrah (the non-mandatory lesser pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca, which may be performed at any time of the year).

The family included a four-year-old boy, named, Yahya Puthiyapurayil, who was a special child. Soon after 45-minutes the flight took off, the boy developed epileptic seizures and within minutes collapsed. He was reportedly running a mild fever when he had boarded the flight. He breathed his last in his mother’s lap. He was wheelchair-bound since birth and had been undergoing treatment since then.


Epilepsy Treatment Training At AIIMS Delhi


Yahya was accompanied by his parents, uncles and cousins on board, however, no one could do much to save him. He was the youngest of the three children to his parents Muhammad Ali and Jubairiah.

The Indian Embassy official expedited the procedures to repatriate his body to India at the earliest. Yahya’s mortal remains were flown to Kerala on early Tuesday morning flight.


What Are Epileptic Seizures?

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder in the brain which causes abnormal unusual behaviour and sometimes even loss of awareness. Anyone can develop epilepsy, be it male or female and not just at birth but at any age. The frequently occuring seizures can lead to people simply stare blankly or some may even repeatedly twitch their arms and legs.

There are treatments with medications including surgery that can control seizures for such people. While some people survive through a lifelong treatment, in some cases especially in children, the doctors do not give much hope to the parents. However, there have been cases where children have outgrown this condition as time passes.


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How Do You Know One Is Getting Seizures?

The seizure will last for five or more minutes when you witness the person’s breathing becoming abnormal. He could remain unconscious even after the seizure stops. High fever is very common is such cases. Repeated seizures followed one after other are highly dangerous to human body, thereby, numbing the entire system.

Visit the doctor at once to start timely and accurate treatment.




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