Vijay Mallya Celebrates Diwali In His London Home


Vijay Mallya, now the King of ‘Not So’ Good Times, makes it to the news only for the wrong reasons.

The liquor baron has a money laundering case registered against him by the Enforcement Directorate. He is also under the scanner of multiple investigating agencies for defaulting on several loans from consortium of banks which was led by the State Bank of India. The finance ministry confirmed the total tally of funds diverted by the Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) were to a tune of Rs. 9,000 crore, of which Rs. 4,000 crore were extended by public sector banks.

The CBI had issued a notice back in 2016, calling for his detention if he intended to leave the country. However, despite the heads up from the investigating agency, Mallya left India for England in March 2016 and has not returned since then. He is also contesting a case of extradition there.
His ex-staff who have long outstanding dues and have not been paid yet, as well as most of the banks that are in red may not be pleased with this latest image that has surfaced. Mallya continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in his London home at Regent’s Park. A picture of Vijay Mallya along with his son Sidharth was published by Mumbai Mirror on 08th November where the duo seemed to be dressed for either a party or festive celebrations. The report also said that some close friends had been visiting the family during the Diwali festival. Senior Mallya spotted a confident look, perhaps in the hope of winning his extradition battle, the verdict for which is scheduled in the next one month.
Congress Spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi tweeted a the report on Wednesday, captioning it as,

“In case anyone wants to know how Modi-Sarkar’s suited-booted-on-the-run friends are enjoying their Diwali in London, look no further, here it is:” 


Congress Demands Jaitley’s Resignation For Alleged Links With Mehul Choksi

As per a report publish by Economic Times Panache, Vijay Mallya’s home is nothing less than that of the royals. It is rumoured that his London home also has a toilet made of gold.


Another fugitive Mehul Choksi, who fled India after laundering money to a tune of Rs. 13,000 crore approximately, is also spotted often on the streets of Antigua where he has taken asylum.
Antigua – Image for Representation Only

The larger question remains, that while the accused who duped several Indians of their hard-earned money continue to celebrate the festival of lights, will the common man in our country ever see the light of justice?


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