Uttar Pradesh – Mother Kills Her Own 22-Year-Old Son After Altercation

Abhijit Yadav

UP Legislative Council chief’s son death case has been cracked by UP Police. The murder of Ramesh Yadav’s son Abhijit Yadav had turned into a mystery since his death on 20th October.

Initial reports had revealed that Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council Chairman Ramesh Yadav’s younger son ended his life by committing suicide. However, on Monday, the unresolved question on junior Yadav’s death met its logical end.




Abhijit’s mother and Ramesh Yadav’s wife, has confessed to killing her own son. The reports suggested that the incident took place on 20th October in Darul Shafa in Lucknow. Earlier the family of the deceased had claimed that Abhijit had died of ill-health. Not buying this mere clarification from the related members, Uttar Pradesh police sent the body for postmortem. The suspicion seemed to have proven correct and the cause revealed in the postmortem report confirmed asphyxia caused by strangulation.





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The police then filed a murder case reportedly and had begun investigations in the case.

Uttar Pradesh police SP (east) S Mishra who was investigating the death of UP council chairman Ramesh Yadav’s son Abhijeet Yadav said that they questioned all the family members during investigations. However, while the investigations were underway, the mother of the deceased broke down and confessed to her crime saying that she had killed her son.




Abhijit’s mother Meera Yadav said that her son returned home drunk and was continuously arguing with her. She was remarkably irked by the arguments which instigated her to kill him. Abhijit lived together with his mother and elder brother at the Darul Shafa quarters, while his father Ramesh Yadav lived separately at the official residence.



Talking to media, Meera Yadav said accused her husband, Ramesh, alleging that he never treated her like his wife. She added that her older son, Abhishek’s life too was also in danger. As per reports, Meera Yadav along with Abhishek were present at the home when Abhijit was killed.
Meera Yadav and Abhijit Yadav
Initially the mother had informed the police that Abhijit came home heavily drunk on Saturday and complained of chest pains. She also added that the next morning when she went to wake him up, he did not get up and had passed away in his sleep.
The mother has been sent to a fourteen-day judicial custody by Court.
Meera Yadav taken into custody



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