Ajay Maken tweets he is suffering from irreversible and progressive orthopaedic ailment

Ajay Maken

Sudden reports of Ajay Maken resigning as the Delhi Congress Chief had emerged on Tuesday.

However, his party had denied any truth behind such and said that Ajay Maken had not resigned as its Delhi but had “temporarily stepped down” because of a health problem. The former parliamentarian has led the party in the capital since 2015.

Ajay Maken, 54, has left for treatment abroad but the party said there is “no truth” to reports that he has quit his post.

Ajay Maken – Delhi Congress

Congress leader PC Chacko told NDTV that he was “filling in” for Mr. Maken until his return on 23rd September.

“Ajay Maken has some health problem and has gone for a medical check-up. He has temporarily stepped down for his check-up and informed me and the Congress president (Rahul Gandhi). He’ll be back next week and probably he’s little worried that he can’t devote full time or travel the way he wants,” said Mr Chacko.

“On his return, we will discuss working arrangements, but the fact is he has not resigned,” he added.

Ajay Maken has tweeted today thanking his well wishers for the immense concern he received from each on of them. He said that he was deeply touched by th eoutpouring of good wishes and concern about his health. He also informed everyone via his social media account that he was suffering from an irreversible and progressive orthopaedic ailment, which was extremely painful, but not life threatening. He also said that he was seeking a 3rd opinion on the exact cause to arrest progression and obliterate pain.

His followers and fans were relieved from the disturbing news of him leaving the Delhi Congress. Messages followed wishing Maken a speedy recovery.




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