BJP caught thrashing woman on camera; Arjun Singh himself threatens Times Now reporter not to report story

Arjun Singh - BJP Candidate (West Bengal)

Violent clashes were reported between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers during the first few hours of polling in West Bengal, where the fifth phase of elections is underway.

A close aide of BJP Candidate Arjun Singh was caught on camera heckling and manhandling a woman during the ruckus. When questioned by the Times Now reporter, the BJP candidate said:

“We attacked them in self-defence because they assaulted us first. If someone hit me should I touch his or her feet? We won’t sit doing anything. We will call the Election Commission and report the matter.”

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Arjun Singh – BJP

The reporter also asked Singh’s aide about him threatening to burn houses, to which the man replied that he said it in a heat of the moment.

When the reporter confronted the BJP candidate from Barrackpore, as to why he did not approach the police in case they were attacked first. To this, Singh became even more violent and told the reporter not to cook up stories else, he would be bash him up as well.

As per some locals Singh’s supporters attacked the TMC members first.

TMC on Friday had approached the state EC seeking immediate arrest of Arjun Singh for causing “disturbance” in the Bhatpara assembly constituency. The ruling party also alleged that Singh had been opening fire using his pistol and giving shelter to goons.


Yesterday another video surfaced from West Bengal where BJP Candidate & Former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh was caught on camera saying,

“I’ll drag you out of your homes, thrash you like dogs & kill you…will bring a 1,000 men from UP & let them lose. You won’t have a place to hide so run & lock your homes.”

Today, voting will take place on seven seats of the state in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections. West Bengal is among the four states where polling is being held in seven phases (April 11 to May 19). The results will be announced on May 23.

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