Sannata at Republic TV & Times Now as BJP loses bastion to Congress

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The election results were almost set by 4pm today, except for Madhya Pradesh numbers which are still undecided.

The Congress supporters were cheering loudest over social media while the mainstream media channels were running LIVE results across the five states. A little after 4pm, KC Singh, Former Diplomat and Strategic Affairs Expert, tweeted that he had tuned into Republic TV for an update and he was shocked to hear the debate being conducted by their Managing Director, Arnab Goswami.

Singh said that he could not believe that Arnab was passively listening to a psephologist who said,

“Middle Class had abandoned his Gods”

Singh received several responses where the online users concurred with the absolute bias Goswami was running by mocking the opposition party and their leaders constantly.

While people who follow Arnab Goswami regularly may not find this surprising at all, since Goswami has always been seen as a BJP and right wing supporter, often promoting the news that favours the ‘Hindutva‘ narrative.

Another twitter user, Zoya Rasul, wrote that she heard Arnab Goswami saying,

“If I were Rahul Gandhi, I’d have waited another 30 minutes”. And then adds, “I know it’s a terrible thing to be Rahul Gandhi.”

Ravi Nair, who has been doing some wonderful investigative stories, took a dig at Goswami’s “waiting” jibe, and said,

“Being Arnab Goswami, he has waited for nearly 7 years. Still BJP didn’t give him a Rajya Sabha seat :)”

Twitter user, Rohit Chaudhary, put out the info graphics used by Arnab on his Republic TV, showing the maps for BJP as saffron and the colour green projecting the Congress. Chaudhary pointed out how Arnab was running a communal agenda through his channel on election results day.

Another user pointed how Goswami was trying his best to spin the loss for BJP. He said, Arnab was pushing his version why the independent candidates should align with the Congress in Madhya Pradesh.

Arnab was also mocked for questioning the BJP spokesperson, as if he himself belonged to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Last evening, Arnab even resorted to name calling for Congress President and used the term Pidi for his supporters. A video of the same was posted by an online user.


Arnab Goswami launched the Republic TV channel in partnership with BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in May last year. While he had always been appreciated in his earlier tenure with the Times Now channel, for bashing politicians from all sides equally without any bias, Goswami is often referred to as a paid media stooge for peddling false propaganda and one sided news through his Republic TV channel.



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If Republic TV was trying their best to mock the winning party, Times Now was not far behind. Navika Kumar who runs the prime time show at this Times Group channel, is another mainstream media anchor who is seen as driving pro BJP reports daily.

Rana Ayyub, Journalist, tweeted how Yogendra Yadav spoke on the channel about a change in the attitude of the media post today’s result and Navika actually agreed with him.

Another user derived sadistic pleasure by looking at Navika’s face through the day. One can only understand the angst of the TV viewers who have been subjected to one sided debates every night.


Vinod K Jose, executive editor at The Caravan India said that there was a riot at Times Now and how the anchor was pacifying the BJP Pundits!

Earlier last week, one tweet had gone viral when a user posted a video, which said Navika actually questioned “Aur Logon Ki Aastha”……referring to the Ram Mandir issue.

Another tweet was posted on 7th December mocking the bias of Times Now anchor, Navika Kumar.



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