BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia is the defending lawyer for alleged fraudsters ‘Amrapali Directors’ accused in ₹3,000 crore scam

Gaurav Bhatia welcomed to BJP by President Amit Shah

Last week, the Congress party was accused of making their own youth wing lawyer, Aljo K Joseph, appear in the CBI court for Christian Michel James, who is one of the three alleged middlemen in the Rs. 3,600 crore AgustaWestland chopper case.

However, after several BJP and right wing online supporters started holding the Indian National Congress directly responsible for supporting a scamster, the party expelled Joseph with immediate effect. It must be noted that the youth wing lawyer had expressed his version of representing Michel in his professional capacity and not as a representative of the Congress party. Nonetheless, everything today is about perception management and at a crucial time of state elections, none of the parties would want their core issues to be camouflaged.

Now, the BJP who is prompt to allege and mock lawyer leaders of the Congress party representing their respective clients in court, often forget to introspect about their own leaders who are doing exactly the same. had collated a blog on some prominent leaders who have represented several terrorists and fraudsters as lawyers in the past.



BJP Lawyer Leaders who have defended conflict of interest cases; But never resigned


Another case has come to light, where BJP’s spokesperson, Gaurav Bhatia, is one of the leading lawyers defending the Amrapali real estate directors in court. The real estate promoters are accused of duping middle class home buyers of nearly ₹3,000 crores. They are also accused of not paying salaries to their employees.  In the video below, it can be clearly witnessed, how the buyers are being harassed, by the representative of the ruling government fighting the case against them.

The home buyer alleges, that on one hand the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh assures them of full support in getting justice, and on other, their own party spokesperson, Gaurav Bhatia, is standing tall in support of the alleged fraudsters.





Calling it a serious fraud, the apex court had ordered a forensic probe into the accounts and transactions involving the real estate’s directors, former directors and their kin in September this year. Despite such strong remarks from the top court, Bhatia who doesn’t leave any opportunity to criticise Congress lawyers in television studios every evening, chose to represent the promoters against the common man, who is already harassed.

A bench of justices Arun Mishra and UU Lalit, who are hearing the Amrapali director’s case said that they would get to the root of the matter. They also reprimanded Bhatia for defending non-supply of documents, saying they were voluminous to be complied with.
Gaurav Bhatia with Rajdeep Sardesai


The judge took exception when the BJP’s spokesperson defended non-supply of documents, saying :

“Why are you saying this? Do you want your premises sealed? Next time we will not wait to hear you,” the judge said. Justice Mishra said: “ We know it’s a little difficult but we will retrieve the money.”


On 5th December, Bhatia had even tweeted applauding the extradition of Christian Michel, complimenting the Prime Minister of his resolve to eradicate corruption from the country.



Yesterday during a live Zee News debate, Gaurav Bhatia and Samajwadi spokesperson, Anurag Bhadoria were seen beating up each other.



In another ongoing case against Robert Vadra, BJP has again pounced on the opportunity questioning the role of lawyers from the Congress party who are representing him in court.







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