BJP Gets Mocked For Using Telangana Map Instead of Mizoram


Mizoram goes to polls today with 209 candidates in the fray for the 40-member legislative assembly. The state will be participating in the electoral process for the eighth time since it was declared a state in 1987.

The voting began at 7 am and will end at 4 pm. Around 7,70,000 voters are expected to decide the fate of 209 candidates. Out of this, 18 of them are women candidates.

Congress, which has been in power in Mizoram since 2008, is eyeing a third consecutive term in the state. While the direct contest is between the Congress and Mizo National Front, BJP, National People’s Party and Zoram People’s Movement are all in the game to form the next government.

While each party is encouraging voters to go out and vote, the official twitter handle of the Bharatiya Janata Party made a disastrous error this morning.

At around 7:30 am this morning, the BJP Twitter handle shared a tweet which said,

“Vote for the development of Mizoram, #Vote4BJP”

However, shockingly the world’s ‘largest political party’ made an unpardonable error by tweeting the image of another state, Telangana, instead of Mizoram for which they were garnering votes.

But anything which is on social media won’t be forgiven or forgotten. The users were prompt to comment :

One user said that BJP doesn’t even know the difference between Telangana and Mizoram and they claim to be ‘Nationalists‘.

Another user too tweeted saying that the self proclaimed Nationalist Party does not know the difference between the two states.

The tweet was later deleted and a new tweet was shared with the correct image of Mizoram this time at around 10:15 am.

Human errors are absolutely fine, especially in times when social media barely allows you a fraction of a second to go unnoticed. However, BJP, the party in power, uses different yardsticks for different people.

An error committed by their official IT cell is passed off as an error, however, if there is a slip of tongue or a rectified error done by their biggest threat, the Indian National Congress, the BJP’s IT Cell invests a huge army in making edited videos and scoops on the same.

It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them defines all of us!




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