Rajasthan : BJP MP abuses Rahul Gandhi; faces huge backlash from locals, forced to apologise & return

BJP Neta forced to apologise for abusing Rahul Gandhi

No one should get away by Name calling or mocking anyone!

This is what Devji Bhai, BJP MP from Surendranagar, Gujarat, learnt during his election campaign in Rajasthan recently. The BJP Leader had come to address a rally for the party’s local candidate, Hakru Maida, in Banswara’s Bhagakot district. They had gathered at ward no. 36 and started conducting a meeting with the public there itself. It is when local councillor Seeta Damor also happened to arrive and hear them speaking.

Devji Bhai – BJP MP

During the interactions, Damor questioned the BJP leaders on their accountability towards the local administrative duties. She said that Vasundhara Raje government had been in power since past five years, however, they couldn’t even fill in the potholes in the streets while they were again pleading for votes.

Devji Bhai did not reply to Damor’s questions, however, he instead questioned on who she was. On learning that she represented the local congress, Gujarat BJP MP mocked her and her party president by using derogatory names. He said,

“Why don’t you call your pappu and he will do the needful for you.”

On hearing such a lose comment by the neta, Seeta Damor instantly raised objections as to how he dared to call the Congress President by any such names. It was not just Damor, but the locals in the area too was got infuriated by Devji’s comments. They literally lashed out on him forcing him to take his words back and apologise.

Seeta Domar – Rajasthan Congress


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Devji was baffled and started murmuring that he used this term since all use it. The people were in no mood to forgive the BJP MP and did not allow him to leave, until he apologised for his statement. The leader from Gujarat had no choice but to publicly say sorry for his comment, only after which he was able to leave the venue.

This matter did not end here. The locals even arrived at the BJP office to demonstrate their protest against Devji. Keeping in mind the sensitivities of the upcoming assembly elections, the BJP leaders in Rajasthan had to ask Devji to leave for his home state Gujarat immediately.

Locals confront Devji Bhai

The angst of the locals towards the current government in Rajasthan has been witnessed on a daily basis. They seem to be in no mood to accept any mockery against the Congress, as they want to discuss development, jobs and other core issues rather than other distracting topics daily.



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