Demonetisation Scam Unravelled: Amit Shah fixed exchange %, misused Jio, favoured business houses before Nov 08 announcement

Cash at MIDC, Mumbai as shown in the video

Kapil Sibal of the Congress today showed a video, claiming it was an expose on currency exchange conducted by the BJP government after demonetisation. The Congress have also alleged that the Election Commission is not taking any action against the ruling BJP despite the many cases of poll code violation reported against them.

Sibal has directly attacked BJP Chief mentioning that the exchange was conducted by a special team drawn from officials from all departments and it was headed by none other thanAmit Shah himself. Under it, currency from various ministers and business houses were brought in planes to Hindon Air Base from where it was taken to the Reserve Bank – at a charge of 35 to 40 per cent.

Mr Sibal referred at the series of investigations and raids that have been taking place over the last weeks and quoted:

“The biggest scam in India’s history is demonetisation… It is sad that our agencies will investigate the opposition, but not those in power.”

He also claimed that despite the existence of many such sting videos, no agency was ready to undertake any investigation on the ruling government. Sibal did not even exclude alleging the Election Commission for turning a blind eye.

“We have given them (the Election Commission) so many complaints. They are not acting and we don’t have the time to go to court since there is hardly any time.”

While calling Demonetisation the biggest scam in India, Sibal has released a video via his press conference, where he has named a RAW official, Rahul Shrirang Ratharekar whose Field Assistant – Cabinet Secretary ID card is visible in the video. Others named and shown in the video who are allegedly a part of the currency exchange scam are Sanjay Channe,Indusind Bank Manager from Mumbai Fort Branch, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and others.

Duplicate Cash Printed and stored at MIDC, Mumbai


  • Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Ratharekar are chatting over dinner in a suite in Trident, Mumbai on April 04, 2017 giving their detailed RAW background
  • Rahul mentions how the corrupt system doesn’t allow anyone to remain a true patriot for very long
  • Ratharekar says 3 series of 1 Lac crore each had been printed in duplicate and also explains in detail how the duplicate currency notes which were printed abroad, were brought to India in Air Force Transport planes at Hindon Air Force base
  • He goes on to share the detailed logistics of currency exchange operation that had been controlled from the very top while naming BJP President Amit Shah twice in his conversation.
  • He explains how the exchange transaction percentages increased from 1.5% initially to 35-40%, while emphasizing that a fixed % had to be remitted regularly up the chain which was headed by Amit Shah
  • He also confirmed that there is a separate department headed by Mr Nipun Sharan in the PMO overseeing this work. Sibal states that the identity of this individual could be a code word.
  • Adding further, Ratharekar says 26 people had been recruited from various departments specifically to oversee and co-ordinate with RBI for currency exchange work only
  • These employees have been posted in various RBI offices to oversee, control and report currency transactions to their head in the PMO, who he claims was none other than Amit Shah.
  • Making shocking revelations, the RAW official also spoke about how no local police/crime branch/vigilance department etc. were allowed to interfere while transactions were going on. In case any department official dared to interfere, a call from his bosses in Delhi would result in the officials leave the place
  • Rahul Ratharekar further brags how he has been one of the best supporting and performing field supervisors in this entire currency exchange.
  • He claims to have himself completed more than Rs 20,000 cr worth of private transactions from CBD Belapur RBI, Navi Mumbai in his short stint
  • He doesn’t stop here. He goes onto explains the misuse of Reliance Jio data to show repetitive currency exchange in RBI
  • Ratharekar even mentions that anyone who would defy to disclose the information or bring them out in the open will be finished off ruthlessly
  • Confirming that the new currency with Urijit Patel signatures were actually printed six months earlier than November (when Raghuram Rajan was the RBI Governor), the exchange of currency had started with select politicians and big business houses much prior to the November 08, 2016 announcement
  • Sibal states that since the entire video extends for several hours, the same can be accessed from

If we recall the series of events, within five days of demonetisation, scrapped currency bills worth Rs 3,118.51 crore were deposited in eleven Gujarat district cooperative banks linked to the BJP. This was cited in an official RTI reply.

The Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) published a report on the RTI information cited by the Congress. These details were obtained by the activist Manoranjan S Roy and provided by the chief general manager and appellate authority of NABARD.

The RTI information showed how the the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB) netted the highest deposits of demonetised notes among district co-op banks, and received Rs 745.59 crore within five days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on November 8, 2016.

The news agency said BJP president Amit Shah was the bank’s chairman in 2000, and continued to be a director — a position he has held for several years.







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