Madhya Pradesh : EC staff found staying in BJP leader’s Hotel; EVM tampering allegations surface


The mystery with EVMs continue…


Several reports on alleged foul play with EVMs have emerged from Madhya Pradesh. While citizens are encouraged to come out and vote in large numbers, such incidents triggering a controversy soon after voting, only shatters the confidence of a voter.

An EVM strong room in Bhopal is under the scanner which was left without electricity for nearly two hours on Friday. This completely disrupted the live status of the machines. While an officer clarified that they switched off CCTV cameras a day earlier, since the ‘safety norms’ suggest that ‘there should be no power connection in the room where the electronic voting machines are kept’, this surely raises great suspicion on the happenings behind closed doors while the cameras were off.

At the day end on 28th November, after 48 hours that the polling ended, a group of polling officers arrived with EVMs at the strong room in Sagar. Reports of the seal missing on the main gate of Bhopal strong room emerged this time. However, Collector Sudama Khade denied that the seal on the main gate was tampered with.


The local Congress leaders and workers protested in Sagar and did not allow the machines to be deposited in the strong room. Addressing their complaint, the district collector Alok Singh summoned the machines to the Collectorate. While Singh said the EVMs were being verified at the Collectorate and a report on the slack officers has been forwarded to the Election Commission, he also claimed that the machines which arrived in Sagar on Friday were the reserve machines.

Congress spokesperson Pankaj Chaturvedi assured that the party had nothing against the EC, but suspected severe foul play by BJP to hijack the final results. He said,

“The LED screen outside the strong room was not operational for an hour and a half in Bhopal on Friday. The poll officers reached the strong room in Sagar with 50 EVMs from Khurai Assembly seat on Friday, when the deadline for submitting the machines was for midnight on November 28,” alleged Chaturvedi.



Apprehensive of tampering with the EVMs, the Congress even deployed party workers outside strong rooms at several places, including Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur.



3 election officers die of cardiac arrest during MP Polls; Could there be a conspiracy?


In the meanwhile, one video has gone viral on social media which claims that election officers, while on official duty, were stationed at a hotel in Madhya Pradesh along with EVMs. The online users have also alleged that this hotel is owned by a BJP Leader. 


Priyanka Chaturvedi, Congress Media-in-Charge for MP Elections, has raised serious concerns on the development over the video where EVMs were found in BJP Leader owned hotel in Shujalpur. She has also attributed these dirty tricks as an indicator of BJP’s defeat.
Priyanka Chaturvedi – Indian National Congress












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