Delhi Government Tweets Fake Image of ‘Signature Bridge’

FAKE IMAGE : Signature Bridge

People of Delhi under the Sheila Dixit Government (1998-2013) had witnessed tremendous infrastructure growth, from a era when one could find it extremely difficult to commute without their private vehicle, to a time when almost every single corner of the state got connected with long running flyovers and one of the most revered and comforting ‘Delhi Metro Project.’

Today, the state of Delhi, under the Aam Aadmi Party Government led by Arvind Kejriwal, will be witness to the opening of the Signature bridge over the Yamuna, which will connect the Outer Ring Road and the Wazirabad Road on the eastern banks of the river. The commuters travelling to Ghaziabad and Bhojpura Border via Khajuri Khas from Wazirabad, Timarpue and Mukherjee Nagar will also be able to travel their distance in a much shorter time period.





Delhi Gets Its New Suspension Signature Bridge


However, being the capital of the country, one should not be surprised that the inauguration for this bridge has turned political.

On 3rd November, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari tweeted that he shall be present at 3pm today (on 4th Nov) for the inaugural function. He also made a sarcastic comment, that he is an MP and thus he shall be glad to receive the Delhi CM, who is currently out on bail and returning from his tour of Haryana.

Tiwari added that it was shameful that it took 15 years and 1,500 crore to complete this bridge.

To this, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia replied that all citizens of Delhi were cordially invited for the opening ceremony, including Manoj Tiwari. He added that the bridge opening could be shameful for Tiwari, but not for the people of Delhi.

The official twitter handle of Aam Aadmi Party has been constantly promoting the bridge opening and the work that has gone into completing the same. On 3rd November, the party’s social media account tweeted images of the yet to be inaugurated ‘Signature Bridge’. The tweet said,

“Delhi! Here is your pride…The Signature Bridge.”

However, social media users are sharper than what the political parties actually think. Jas Oberoi, Analyst, Commentator, Blogger, Researcher, Panelist, Opinion writer and Columnist with exposed the fake image tweeted by the Delhi Government.

He was prompt to point out that the image shared from the official handle of state government was not of the Signature Bridge, but ‘Erasmus Bridge‘ – a bridge in Rotterdam. ‘Erasmusbrug’ is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge in the centre of Rotterdam, which also happens to be the second largest bridge in The Netherlands, Europe.


Oberoi also called AAP, just a poorer cousin of BJP.
‘Erasmus Bridge’ in Rotterdam tweeted as Signature Bridge by AAP


Some Instances Where BJP Shared Fake Images from Official Handles


As reported by The Quint, on 30th September, BJP Chhattisgarh had tweeted images of three expressways and captioned them as – “विश्वास से विकास का सफर। #BadhtaChhattisgarh (The journey from trust to development #BadhtaChhattisgarh). The state party handle of the BJP had accredited themselves with the construction of the roads in the pictures.

However, as per an Alt News report these images of the highway were not from Chhattisgarh but Vadodara, Gujarat. The report also pointed out a clear visible board which read ‘Vadodara’.


In April 2017, former singer and Union Minister, Babul Supriyo shared a misleading photo of a bus stand in Gujarat saying that it had been inaugurated. He went a step further and tweeted with confidence that this was not London or New York, but a bus stand in Rajkot, Gujarat. This tweet was retweeted by approximately 2,000 users.


However, one of the social media users clarified that this was not real and just a mere 3D CAD representation. He also mocked the minister that because of people like him, the citizens will doubt intelligence of elected Members of Parliament.



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