Congress Spokesperson To File FIR Against Fake News Peddlers

Pawan Khera - Indian National Congress

As India heads towards the General Elections next year, the online campaigns are expected to be back in full steam. The use of technology by all political parties to impress upon their voters is always welcome. However, the same also comes with the terrifying menace of ‘Fake News’, which is baseless, unverified, yet travels a million eyes.

One such incident comes to light again, a controversy that flourishes annually over the Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary.

Tipu Sultan’s Jayanti or birth anniversary is marked on 10th November every year. The 18th century ruler, popularly known as the Tiger of Mysore and Tipu Sahib, continues to be a divisive figure in Karnataka, more than 200 years after his death. While the birth anniversary celebrations started by the Congress regime have been continued by the current collation government, the BJP has always opposed this as a gimmick to appease the minorities.

Some of the Religious Programmes Undertaken by the BJP and allies :


  • VHP calls for massive Janmashtami Celebrations Across West Bengal


  • BJP organised aggressive processions on occasion of Ram Navami in 20 West Bengal towns


  • The colour of the flag of Hanuman is red, however, the same was subtly turned to Saffron in Bihar, a colour is seen as representing the pan-Hindu identity


  • Trucks with devotees carrying holy Ganga water were draped in tricolour, as a ploy to merge nationalism with Hinduism


  • Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh ordered Madrassas to remain shut on all Hindu festivals and also cut down on the number of holidays during Ramzan


Coming back to the peddling of incorrect quotes and maliciously thought-out unsubstantiated stories; To deviate the common man from focussing on real day-to-day issues, an uncorroborated narrative is spread on social media, which is then taken forward by several real and dummy IDs, the numbers which can run into millions many a times. In the bargain the lies peddled constantly could make genuine readers believe it as the gospel truth and in turn seeds of hate are sown within them.

The controversy started when a series of twitter handles started spreading a rumour that quoted Pawan Khera, Congress Spokesperson, to have said,

“If BJP abuses Tipu Sultan, we shall abuse Maharana Pratap”

This unverified quote by Khera went viral, with several unknown IDs retweeting and pasting the same comment.





This is not the first time when motivated and perhaps on pay-roll twitter handles have been spreading lies against Congress and their spokespersons. However, earlier the retorts used to happen merely on social media, but maybe it was too late, as the fake news had already been widely spread by then.

This time though Pawan Khera has decided to take such trolls head on and directed all such tweets to Delhi Police and Home Minister Rajnath Singh. He has also taken screen shots of all such allegations and abuses hurled at him without any evidence of the misleading quote.

Khera even pointed out that the online user, Gyan Varsha with nearly 7 Lakh followers, who was instrumental in instigating such lies, was followed by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


Earlier, another spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi, was also targeted with a fake quote attributed to her.


Senior NDTV journalist Sreenivasan Jain too was attacked with abuses and name calling against his father Late LC Jain.

Sreenivasan and his brother Gopal Jain had sent a legal notice to Rajeev Mantri over a tweet by him in which he called their father, the late diplomat LC Jain, a “certifiable traitor”. The notice alleged that Mantri (an investor who writes actively) committed defamation and therefore asks that Mantri delete the tweets and apologise.

Later Mantri was forced to publicly apologise and delete the misleading tweets.



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