HRD Minister says don’t beg funds from us, ask from alumni

With Mukesh Ambani

Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar addressed an event at Jnana Prabodhini School in Pune where he asked the schools to take financial assistance from their alumni instead of depending on the government.

The Minister said that it is the duty of alumni to contribute to schools, colleges.

“Some schools come to the government with a begging bowl asking for funds. They can easily ask their alumni for help. It is the duty of the alumni to contribute to their school, their college and this attitude of ‘give it back’ should be cultivated by schools,” said Javadekar, as reported by The Indian Express.

Javadekar cited example of the said school and hailed the role and contribution of its alumni towards maintenance and development. He further said that the organisation had set a good precedent for other institutes.

“Many students, as a reward to their schools, happily contribute in the development of the school… former students of Jnana Prabodhini are still associated with the school and help to sustain and maintain the school,” said HRD Minister.
HRD Minister

Remembering his school days, Javadekar said that in those days the students use to gain knowledge and learn life skills from school as there was no e-learning or digital resources. He further said it is a very sorry situation nowadays when a class VII student failed to solve Maths problems of class IV.

The Assessment Survey was set up by the centre last year and assessed lakhs of students in Class III, V, VIII and X. He further mentioned that ministry has prepared a district-wise document and even shared it with the local MPs of the concerned area so that they know the state of affairs in their constituency. The minister also asked the entire society to come forward to improve the present scenario.

The union minister further informed that his ministry has directed every district office to take a few measures like- fixing the issues affecting the school, improvement of infrastructure and the improvement in the quality of education. He also stressed on framing a good curriculum. Javadekar also added HRD Ministry will soon slash curriculum in schools by 50 per cent. He also underlined the need for extra-curricular activities.

Speaking on the recent amendments in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, the minister said that with the changes in the act, the government reintroduced exams in class V and VIII and the detention system. The Union Minister assured that a second chance would be provided to the students who will fail in the first attempt.
At the school

Girish Bapat, who is the director of Jnana Prabodhini, Yashwant Lele, Vivek Ponkshe, Subhash Deshpande, Vivek Kulkarni, and principal Milind Naik were present.

Javadekar took over the HRD Ministry from Smriti Irani, who was was mired in controversies and unable to implement the much-needed reforms in education.

Social Media was ired by this statement and questioned the minister’s and government’s arrogance in using words such as “begging”. Many even questioned the 1000 crore fund given to non existent Jio Institute (Reliance Foundation) but asking others to take it from their alumni.

Citizens also said we shall remember this when you politicians come to us with begging bowls next year.



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