MJ Akbar’s Wife Slams Pallavi Gogoi For Allegations on Her Husband #MeToo

MJ Akbar

Allegations and accusations continue on former minister MJ Akbar. Pallavi Gogoi, Chief Business Editor at National Public Radio, hit out at Akbar on Thursday through her write up in Washington Post.

She alleged that MJ Akbar had raped her at a hotel in Jaipur, during her days as a journalist in Asian Age. She also thanked everyone for giving her the courage to reach into the recesses of her mind and confront the monster that she escaped from decades ago. She affirmed that all voices unanimously told a different truth.

Pallavi Gogoi – MJ Akbar

She also described the phase as “the most painful memories of her life”.


However, unlike the last time, when Akbar took many days to retaliate, the former Union minister was prompt in calling out the allegations as false today. Through his statement to ANI, Akbar said that he and Pallavi Gogoi, the complainant, were in a “consensual relationship”. He claimed,

“Somewhere around 1994, Ms. Pallavi Gogoi and I entered into a consensual relationship that spanned several months. This relationship gave rise to talk and would later cause strife in my home life as well. This consensual relationship ended, perhaps not on the best note,” alleged Akbar.



MJ Akbar felt that it was important that certain facts be brought to light so that the perception of a ‘rapist’ that is constantly being projected for him, could be substantiated.




However, a new angle has emerged in the #MeToo allegations raised by Pallavi Gogoi. Akbar’s wife, Mallika Joseph, broke her silence and called out Gogoi’s allegations levelled against her husband, as lies.




Union Minister MJ Akbar Finally Resigns


In her statement, Mallika said that it was Pallavi who caused unhappiness and discord in their home nearly 20 years ago. She also said that she learnt of her and her husband’s relationship through her late night phone calls and her public display of affection in her presence.

Mallika also said that Gogoi caused anguish and hurt to their family while the latter chose to flaunt their relationship in public. She ended her defense by saying she was unaware as to why Pallavi was lying and did not know the reason for her not sharing the entire truth.


Notably, Gogoi is not the first one to accuse Akbar of sexual harassment. A number of women have come out to make similar accusations in the wake of the ongoing #MeToo campaign in India. Akbar had to also resign from his post as minister of state for external affairs.




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