MJ Akbar Refuses to Resign Contrary to Media Reports

MJ Akbar

Union Minister MJ Akbar returned from his official Nigerian tour this morning and said he would release an official statement shortly. He evaded every question by journalists on his arrival.

By noon time, some media reports confirmed that MJ Akbar had tendered his resignation and also asked for a meeting with Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj. Akbar is under the scanner for sexual harassment allegations against him by more than ten women journalists. .

CNN News18 reported that Union Minister MJ Akbar has resigned, as per sources, via email amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. The news channel said that the resignation letter has not been accepted yet.

Another Digital Media Website, Firstpost, too published a blog on the reported resignation of MJ Akbar around noon time.

Now, contrary to the reports earlier in the day, MJ Akbar has refuted reports he had resigned as Minister of State after 14 women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment. He also did not indicate any decision to step down from his position.

Infact Akbar has questioned the timing of these allegations just before the general elections due next year.

He also criticised the #MeToo movement as a viral fever of accusation without evidence

Lastly he has expressed his next action of taking legal action against accusations made on him.

Minister Akbar also said that journalist Priya Ramani began this campaign a year ago with a magazine article but did not name him because he “didn’t do anything.”

The accusations started pouring in after journalist Priya Ramani tweeted on 08th October that Mr. Akbar was the man she had referred to in an incident she shared in a magazine article a year ago, when the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US triggered the #MeToo movement.

The allegations relate to Akbar’s time as the editor of the Asian Age. Addressing the media on Sunday he said he will be taking legal action against his accusers.



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