Old Monk in a New Cave – Electricity, Wifi, Bed, Hanger Hooks, Toilets and much more in this luxury abode

Narendra Modi in Kedarnath (May 2019)

Narendra Modi’s cave visit on the Kedarnath hills has been attracting all the attention since his visit yesterday. He has been mocked for his choice of attire as well as the constant photo ops, be it in the cave while meditating or right under the idol of Lord Shiva within the temple.

What do we know about this cave in Uttarakhand which was selected by PM Modi?

Old Cave – Before renovation
  • ‘Rudra Meditation Cave’ is not a traditional or natural, but a Modern Man-made cave by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN)
  • The same is located approximately 1 km upwards to the left side mountain of Holy Kedarnath Shrine
  • The cave faces the Majestic Kedarnath Temple and Bhairavnath Temple that is located on the opposite hill-side
  • The outer part of this natural cave is made of local stones and the entrance is protected by a wooden door

Modern Cave prepared for yoga and meditation in Kedarnath

The renovation of the Kedarnath cave got completed only last year under the watch of Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. Some construction work had been done on the front portion of the cave earlier, however, the chamber received an improvised attractive look only last year.

A traditional architecture look was used while modifying the structure. Cut stone was used on the front and the roof was made with slate stone, with an attached toilet adding luxury features to the cave.

Narendra Modi meditating with a chair rest and spectacles. The Hanger hooks on the wall to his left cannot be missed

The Wood Stone Construction Company has constructed this cave in Kedarnath with the financial support of Jindal Group. The Uttarakhand government plans to develop many more such chambers, to be utilised by spiritual seekers.

Image result for modi in cave


  • Beds are installed for comfort, just like in a holiday resort
  • Electricity, Wifi, drinking water and DSPT phone are available all through
  • Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner at prescribed timing are included, which can be changed upon request
  • A bell is kept in the cave to call upon the attendant from GMVN
  • The staff is deputed 24X7 to attend any requirement from the Meditation Cave

This construction company had kick-started the work on this luxury cave on April 20, 2018 which has now been completed. The bookings for the same were open to public since The cave seems more like an adventure holiday resort surrounded amidst the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand.

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