Modi Bhakt confirms he minted Rs 10k profit in Varanasi rally for bringing 20 people wearing saffron scarves

Modi is Varanasi

On Thursday, in a final round-up to the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Prime MinisterNarendra Modi held a 4km road show in his constituency Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), where he stood in an open SUV, waving at the crowds that responded with an excited “Modi, Modi” chant.

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Earlier his security staff would not allow television cameras come close to the Prime Minister, however, one could witness no restrictions whatsoever yesterday. All were permitted to move with him and cover each movement from the front.

The bhakti television channels were turned into NaMo TV yesterday, who covered his non stop rally and then Aarti in the evening. Many pro-Modi biased news channels claimed there were 5 lakh people when Modi started his road show from the gates of Banaras Hindu University after garlanding a statue of Madan Mohan Malviya, however, on ground observers pegged the figure at only 50,000 people, which included about 10,000 women.

Now the twist! What’s the big deal when Modi does a rally and we see a sea of people moving along with his convoy?

A Gujarati, based in Varanasi who is a staunch Modi supporter spilled some beans to The Telegraph, when he said he had profited from Modi’s Thursday show. He said:

“I got Rs 15,000 to bring at least 20 Gujarati men and women at one point from where Modi would pass. I spent Rs 5,000 in buying saffron scarves and bringing them to the spot in auto-rickshaws and saved Rs 10,000.”

The supporter continued:

“Similar assignment have been given to the Modi bhakts in Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi and other communities. They are expected to stand by the road in their traditional dresses.”

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Chakrawarthi Vijay Nawad, a Yoga guru and a Modi supporter who hails from Karnataka, emphasised that they were not worried about victory but winning with a huge margin was their ultimate goal:

“Our target is to ensure that he wins by a margin of more than 3.70 lakh votes. He had won by this margin against Arvind Kejriwal in 2014. Modi’s respect will be considered as decreasing in Varanasi if he wins by a lesser margin against the Congress’ Ajay Rai and the SP-BSP alliance candidate Shalini Yadav.”

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Ajai Rai, Congress candidate from Varanasi

On being questioned why Modi should win, Nawad responded:

“He should win because he is Prime Minister of the country. But I agree that he has not done anything for the area… which is originally known as Kashi. There is shortage of drinking water there, sewer lines are open and electricity wires are hanging by the poles.”

However, what he said next has somewhat become an acceptable norm in the country today:

“Varanasi was always cheated and people would happily accept if this cheating is done to them by Modi.”

During the event yesterday, Modi mocked his rivals, saying:

“The faces of some people have faded after voting on 300 seats in the first three phases.”

In January this year, rumours were abuzz that Modi may leave his seat from Varanasi and shift to the holy town of Puri in Odisha instead. His failures on the below in Varanasi, will be remembered when people go to vote:

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With Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah
  • Ganga Clean Up
  • Trade Facilitation Centre
  • E-Boats
  • Kashi – Kyoto Project
  • Metro Rail Project
  • Six-lane Highways
  • Flyovers
  • Ring roads
  • Satellite towns
  • Round-the-clock water
  • Electricity and Broadband
  • Solid Waste Management Systems
  • Bhojpuri Film City
  • International spiritualism-cum-philosophy centre
  • Battery Operated Cars
  • Global E-commerce-driven mart for handloom and handicrafts


So next time you see huge crowds chanting “Modi Modi”, remember, someone somewhere is making profits!




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