Modi’s professor from Guj Univ comes out; Says his degree is fake, subjects mentioned weren’t offered

PM Modi files nomination - 2019

In his latest 2019 affidavit to the Election Commission, PM Modi declared that he has an M.A. degree from Gujarat University in 1983. The affidavit said he is an arts graduate from Delhi University (1978) while he passed SSC exam from Gujarat board in 1967

However, the contention surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualification refuses to die down. Now, a former professor of Gujarat University has made some more shocking revelations, while raising serious questions over Modi’s Masters in Arts degree. The professor also claimed several discrepancies in the document.
Gujarat University

According to Professor Jayantibhai Patel, the subjects mentioned in the PM’s degree were not part of the university’s syllabus when Modi was studying there. Patel quoted:

“There are huge discrepancies in the MA Part-2 papers mentioned on PM Modi’s certificates. According to my information, internal and external students had no subjects like those mentioned.”

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Patel, who served as professor of political science at the university from 1969 to 1983, also said that Modi was an irregular student. Adding further, the professor said:

“Modi’s attendance was very poor. We used to have discussions, debates over various issues in our classes, but Modi never participated.”

However, the Gujarat University claims otherwise. According to the university registrar, Dr Mahesh Patel, the marksheet which is being shown was prepared 30 years ago. The subjects mentioned in the same were offered at that time.

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  • The Delhi University had also authenticated PM Modi’s BA degree
  • Delhi University Registrar Tarun Das said PM Modi cleared the exam in 1978 and was awarded the degree in 1979
  • However, the Aam Aadmi Party had countered the university’s claims that the degree was original
  • As mentioned by Ashutosh, former AAP leader, the name and marks of the candidate were printed in Modi’s marksheets released by the BJP. However, this was contrary to the documents of other candidates who passed out in 1978, where the name and marks were handwritten
Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley

BJP had earlier defended Modi citing DU and Gujarat university records

  • Senior BJP leaders had jumped to Modi’s defence
  • In May 2016, Union minister Arun Jaitley and BJP president Amit Shah had made the assertion citing both Gujarat University and Delhi University documents
  • The Delhi University had, only a day earlier, authenticated Modi’s degree
  • Gujarat University had stood by the authenticity of his MA degree in ‘Entire Political Science’

The details in the article above were first published by India Today in May 2016.

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