Mohan Bhagwat attacks Modi, says his ‘Shamshan-Kabristan’ politics is only to stay in power

Mohan Bhagwat and Narendra Modi

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) organized a three-day lectures series which they termed as an outreach program.

The lecture series ended with Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the organization, answering questions from the audience, to familiarize them with the Sangh’s ideology. He chose to clarify his stance on various contentious issues from this platform which was widely covered by media.
Three Day Lecture

While the RSS head spoke elaborately on various social concerns such as women safety, minorities, Section 377, cow protection and others, what could not be missed in his speech was the scathing remark and potshot he took at the current Prime Minister from the BJP, Narendra Modi.

A year after Modi campaigned in Uttar Pradesh assembly polls and had accused then Samajwadi government government of discrimination on the basis of religion and caste and suggested that if there is a kabristan (graveyard) in a village, then it must have a shamshan ghat (cremation ground) too.

RSS chief yesterday said, “discussion of shamshan, kabristan and bhagwa atankwad is done when politics is done only for power and not for public welfare through power.”

“There is need of training. Those who are in politics, they should think on it,” Bhagwat said.
Attended by several of members Bollywood fraternity

This has come as one of the most scornful statements on the Prime Minister who himself represents the Sangh ideology. The twitter reacted sharply at this comment from Bhagwat, many mocking the Prime Minister for being ridiculed, while others stating the RSS is trying to play good cop bad cop strategy, however, they are united with the government in every move that is made.

This statement comes days after Yoga Guru Ramdev disassociated himself from politics. He had been one of the biggest cheerleaders of the BJP and Narendra Modi, however, he too decided to question Modi on the lack of jobs in India. 

As reported by Hindustan Times, Bhagwat also spoke on other issues, which come as a surprise U-turn on many matters on which the BJP and RSS have taken different stands in the past.

Cow protection

It is a crime to take law in one’s own hands and there should be stringent punishment, but there should not be double-speak. Just as voice is raised against incidents of lynching, there should be protests against cow smuggling, too…There are many people involved in cow protection, and these are not the ones who lynch (in the name of cow protection). We should separate the two (groups). Good cow shelters are being run by Muslims, too. There have been experiments in prisons which have found that criminal tendency among the inmates sees a fall if they take care of a cow.






Women feel unsafe because of the way men look at them. Men need to change the way they look at women. All women, except the wife, are like mothers, these are our values. Women need to be imparted skills in self-reliance and the Sangh’s volunteers are already imparting these lessons.

Laws need to be more stringent and there should be punishment for criminals but society should also do its bit. In many areas women don’t step out and this is because of the prevailing atmosphere. We all need to work on it.



RSS backs existing policy. It should continue until such a time that the communities that it is meant for proclaim that it is not required anymore. As for reservation for communities (OBCs and the creamy layer) there are forums to decide on this. Politics of reservation is the problem, not the reservation.

Section 377

They (the LGBT community) are a part of the society. Times are changing and the society has to take a call on such issues, but at the same time, these are not the only pressing issues that are required to be debated.


We did not use the word (minorities) before the British arrived. The Sangh has reservation about its usage. If Muslims are scared (of the RSS), I have said ‘come and see it for yourself’. Muslims near a shakha feel safer. What was said in (second RSS Sarsanghchalak MS Golwalkar’s book) ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ is not eternal. It was said in context; and (thoughts) don’t remain static…The politics of shamshaan, kabristanbhagwa aatankwad is done by those whose only aim is to be in power…politics should be for the good of the people.



  1. We Muslims All over the World Follow only Our Holy Quran and We abide it’s Guidance and nullify all other things.Proud to be an Indian Muslim.

  2. Now the Generation of India should take the responsibility of Indian Parliament and remove the corrupt and illiterate bjp who don’t know even the spelling of politics.Except Congress no-one can rule our complicated country India and Rahul Gandhi is the Future PM of India in 2019.The failure of bjp happened due to GST which has destroy Business and bjp dig their own Graves by implementing GST which has affected it’s image


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