PM said it will be ‘Janta Vs Gathbandhan’; Shouldn’t BJP first clarify on ‘Modi Vs Gadkari’?

Narendra Modi Vs Nitin Gadkari



In his 95-minute-long interview to ANI on 1st January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the BJP is confident of doing well in this year’s general election despite the party’s recent losses in state polls. He assured his party workers that there was no reason for low morale in the BJP.



Stressing on the ‘people connect’, PM said that if there was any party in 2019, it was the BJP. He also shared his views on several subjects ranging from demonetization and Goods and Services Tax to the RBI chief’s exit and the Rafale jet deal.


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However, the PM yet again chose the medium of interview instead of undertaking a live press conference, which he has shied away from doing in past 4.5 years of his tenure as a Prime Minister.



Justifying the losses in the recent assembly elections, Modi attributed the same to anti-incumbency in the Hindi heartland, and affirmed that the ‘Modi wave’ still existed.




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Once again, Narendra Modi did not miss taking a dig at the Congress leadership affirming the fact the this party was the only strong opposition which he fears in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He also had advice to be given to the Congress party asking them to “get rid of their dynastic politics and nepotism”. However, as per the below state-wise report on BJP and it’s dynasty leaders, shouldn’t Modi first clean his own party of the said charges?





Modi’s dynasty politics’ hypocrisy busted; BJP accounts for 44.4% of heirs elected to LS in 2014 – Report


Brushing away questions raised about the party’s prospects following the setback in the assembly elections in the three heartland states, Modi said:

“People will decide if they want to support those who loot even if they come together. It will be Janta (people) V/s Gathbandhan (alliance).”



He also justified that despite being the PM, he kept himself aloof from the luxuries and still remained a representative of the ‘non-elite’ world, since he came from a different background. Once again, PM’s actions fail to match with these headline grabbing pointers, since he has been often spotted wearing highly expensive brands at several occasions.



As per a report in 2015, Modi`s ‘sartorial explorations’ had given him exposure to European designers. According to his biography, Bvlgari is his favourite shade and Movado – Swiss luxury watch company – is his favourite watch brand. The fountain pen that you often see in his top pocket is a French Mont Blanc.
Narendra Modi in Louis Vuitton Shawl costing approximately Rs. 1 Lakh


While Modi is promoting himself as the next BJP PM candidate, it is interesting to note how the 62-year-old Union Minister and Member of Parliament from Nagpur, Nitin Gadkari is winning new friends and influencing people, especially post near serial veiled attacks on Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, asking them to take responsibility for the recent losses in the three heartland states.



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As reported by the Gulf News, Gadkari is the über favourite of the Sangh, the man they want to see as prime minister. And, Mohan Bhagwat, who publicly disavowed Shah’s war cry of “Congress mukt Bharat” (India free of the Congress) has offered protection to Gadkari from even the vile troll army of the BJP’s IT cell run by Modi.



Nitin Gadkari comes out in support of Vijay Mallya; says he is not fraud



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