BJP worker washes MP’s feet, then drinks the same water

Nishikant Dubey - BJP MP

In an unbelievable incident, a local party worker washed feet of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey and later drank the same water while defending himself.

The shocking incident took place on Sunday at a political event in Jharkhand’s Godda district, was captured on camera and has gone viral.

In the video, a local BJP worker, Pawan Shah, is seen washing the feet of the Godda MP amid claps and loud cheers of ‘Pawan bhai zindabad’. After scrubbing Dubey’s feet, the party worker wiped them and drank the same water he used to wash the feet, as reported by Express Web Desk.

Dubey later shared the pictures on his Facebook account, saying he would like to reciprocate the gesture for Pawan Shah if given a chance.

While Dubey was slammed on social media, he said the party worker did was a customary practice in Jharkhand and that he did it out of happiness.

“If a party worker washes the feet out of happiness, what is amazing in it. Washing the feet of the guests is a customary practice in Jharkhand,” he said, citing the example of Sudama doing the same for Lord Krishna in Mahabharata.


Nishikant Dubey was the same MP who spoke to ANI in July this year, saying that BJP people feared hugging Rahul Gandhi as their wives would divorce them.

Dubey was condemned and trolled on Social media for allowing this inhuman and shameful act:




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