Republic TV runs FAKE NEWS of resignation by Odisha Congress Chief Niranjan Patnaik

Niranjan Patnaik - Odisha Congress Chief


BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar owned Republic TV ran a fake news stating that Congress Odisha Chief had resigned. They constantly flashed the photograph of Niranjan Patnaik, completely misleading the viewers.

Slamming the news channel for this scandalous mischief, Patnaik wrote that BJP’s mouthpiece Republic TV was running a fake news of his resignation. He quoted:


“Our rising popularity in the state has forced the Prime Minister to peddle fake news via his chamchas. 

Let me assure you Modiji, I am here to stay and the Congress party will keep fighting for the people of Odisha.”

Infact, Patnaik also tweeted images just a few hours ago, addressing a public gathering in Ghatgaon in Keonjhar where he criticised the BJP for not understanding the hardships and pain of the farmers. He mocked the lawmakers of Karnataka for being on a picnic in Delhi while Congress run states were providing reliefs to the debt driven agriculturalists.



In poll bound state of Odisha, Congress MLA Naba Kishore Das resigned from the primary membership today. Das also categorically stated that he did not have any complain against Niranjan Patnaik, President, PCC, Odisha.









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