Haha: PM Modi defies science, says IAF planes escaped radars due to clouds 🙈

PM Narendra Modi

During an interview with News Nation channel, PM Modi made a new revelation about the the date chosen for the launch of Balakot Air Strikes.

In the interview, he said that there was confusion and doubt regarding the launch of air strikes given the weather on that day. However, it was him, who gave the go-ahead thinking that cloudy cover would prevent Pakistani radars from detecting Indian fighter jets.

PM Modi also disclosed that he was personally reviewing the preparations for Balakot airstrikes at around 9:30 pm on February 25, then again at 12 midnight. It was then that time-experts pointed out that weather had become bad and even advised re-scheduling the strikes.

However, according to Prime Minister Modi, he had two things in mind:

  • First the secrecy of the mission
  • Second that there are clouds and it could benefit the IAF jets from escaping the Pakistani radars


Official BJP Gujarat twitter handle also tweeted the related video, however, the social media was too unforgiving which forced them later to delete the following text:


BJP Deletes Tweet


  • India had carried out the Balakot air strikes on February 25 targeting Jaish-e-Mohammed’s training camps in Pakistan in response to the dastardly Pulwama attack on February 14
  • At least 40 CRPF personnel had lost their lives in the terror attack
  • The following day, Pakistan retaliated with an unsuccessful attempt to intrude the Indian air space
  • Reports suggest that Pakistani F-16s were intercepted by Indian MiG 21 Bisons during which one F-16 of Pakistan and one MiG of India had crash-landed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
  • Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistan Army, however, due to the successful diplomatic tactics of India, he was returned on the 3rd day of his capture

While the BJP has milked the air stirke issue well all through the Lok Sabha Elections, below have been some of the hilarious social media comments on this latest comment from PM Modi:


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