Priyanka Gandhi’s message to Smriti Irani: “Achhe Bache Bano”

Smriti Irani - Priyanka Gandhi

Union Minister Smriti Irani is always prompt to pounce on every opportunity when it comes to attacking anyone from the Gandhi family. However, this time did she get it all wrong or was it to mislead readers.

On Tuesday, Abhijit Majumder, Editor with MyNation.Com, right-leaning website, posted a video on twitter which showed Priyanka Gandhi with children who were using abusive language to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Within minutes, Smriti Irani retweeted the video quoting:

“Uncouth to the core. Imagine the filthiest of abuses that a prime minister has to endure from people whose only claim to fame is a nose. Lutyens outrage anyone?”

However, as it has been seen on several occasions earlier by BJP members, only a part of the video was shared by Smriti Irani. A deliberate attempt was made to cut off the complete piece when Priyanka Gandhi and others stop the children from using the offensive slogan.

Initially, Priyanka watched the children shout out the informally accepted national slogan “Chowkidar Chor Hai”.….although when the children proceeded to use abusive language, Priyanka Gandhi was obviously shocked, and she and others immediately stopped the children telling them this one was not in good taste.

“Yeh wala nahin [Not this one],” she said, wagging a disapproving finger. “Yeh wala nahin, achha nahin lag raha hai.”


While Irani is selective in finding other’s comments “filthy”, watch her in a latest interview to Times Now’s Navika Kumar, where she openly passes a personal comment on Priyanka Gandhi’s nose.

Clearly, Priyanka Gandhi’s advice to the children in UP must be followed by actor turned politician Smriti Irani as well:

“Achhe Bachche Bano”




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