Rahul Gandhi Wants To Become Journalist For A Day

Rahul Gandhi

“Why was the CBI Director removed overnight? PM seems to be in a panic. He is scared that he indulged in corruption and he could get caught.”

Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly by asking why was he panicking over a possible CBI enquiry. Congress President also raised serious observations over the removal of the CBI chief, terming it as an insult to the constitution.

In a press conference yesterday, Rahul Gandhi said,

“We are in opposition, and we are fulfilling our responsibility letting people know about the scams. And we will continue to do so in future.”


Rafale Jet

“Appointment and removal of CBI director has to be done by a committee of three people comprising the Prime Minister, CJI and Leader of Opposition. But the CBI director was removed at 2 am in the night. This is an Insult to the constitution, the CJI, and the people of India. The whole act was illegal,” said Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public gathering in Rajasthan’s Sikar.

Gandhi also said that Congress party shall be protesting outside CBI offices nationwide today, to demonstrate their dissent over the PM’s disgraceful attempt to prevent an investigation into the Rafale scam, thereby removing the CBI Chief. Rahul further said that he shall be in the forefront leading the protest outside CBI HQ in Delhi starting 11am today.

Questioning the Prime Minister’s silence on the matter, Rahul Gandhi expressed that he wishes to become a journalist just for a day to ask only three primary questions to the PM.

He further mocked by saying,

“I promise, he will probably flee from the spot if I ask three questions to PM Modi over Rafale deal”.




Rahul coins slogan “Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Hindustan Ka Chowkidar Chor Hai”



Continuing further Congress Chief added that the countrymen are intelligent enough and will never spare the PM as they understand the abominable activities of the BJP led Modi government. He said,


“It is country’s money, not Anil Ambani’s money. Country will not spare Narendra Modi. Congress, Opposition will not spare Narendra Modi.”

Anil Ambani


Rahul Gandhi via his press conference yesterday raised questions over the appointment of CBI director saying that the charge of CBI had been given to a man who himself had cases registered against him. As alleged by Gandhi, this was done so that the PM can control him and that no inquiry can be conducted into Rafale.





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