Raj Thackeray extends support to Congress, calls names for Shiv Sena

Raj Thackeray - MNS Chief

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray strikes again with a scathing remark on his estranged party Shiv Sena.

While addressing a press conference in Mumbai, he slammed the Shiv Sainiks and compared them to a ‘cocker spaniel’ dog. He said, it is difficult to guess where the head and the tail is.

“There is a breed of dog which doesn’t know which way to look at. Same is Shiv Sena’s situation. When their money gets stuck, they talk of stepping out of the alliance, when their work is done, they go silent”. 

“Nation has been observing this for 4 years. All they did was write editorials on prices of diesel and petrol. They have no role left to play. They don’t know what they’re supposed to do. There is no need to give them importance”, he added.

Shiv Sena BJP Alliance in Maharashtra

Thackeray’s remarks come in the wake of Bharat Bandh led by Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party along with almost entire opposition supporting it.

Thackeray congratulated his MNS party workers for keeping a successful vigil during the Bandh. In the same breadth, he also warned the BJP over false cases being filed against his workers.

“The way false cases are being filed against our workers, BJP should keep in mind that they too will be sitting in the Opposition someday,” he said.


When asked about the root cause behind the rapid increase in fuel prices, Ravi Shankar Prasad  informed Republic World,

“The NDA Govt has been trying its best to contain inflation, and it has succeeded on numerous fronts. Petrol and diesel prices are high due to crisis in international market. There is political instability in Venezuela whereas Iran is under the pressure of US sanction. We welcome purposeful argument but the reasons for the hike in price not under the control of the government. It is upto the oil-producing countries and several Geo-political factors”.

Thackeray criticized the present BJP government especially under Modi and Amit Shah calling it worse than the Congress government.

“Ravi Shankar Prasad today said that the oil prices are beyond the control of the government. I would like to ask how did the BJP, then in opposition protest against rising fuel prices during the Congress regime,” Raj questioned.

“Fuel prices are at the peak, rupee has hit the lowest point, but the BJP still isn’t ashamed,” he added.

Raj reiterated his emphasizes on the need of a united opposition against PM Modi. He however, said that there is nothing much to be read between the lines in his party’s participation in the Bharat Bandh call given by Congress, as reported by India Today.

Meanwhile, Congress has welcomed their one time opposition party, MNS’s participation in the Bharat Bandh.

“We are happy that the MNS actively participated in the Bandh. However, the participation was only limited for a cause that is associated with the concern of the common man,” said Maharashtra Congress President Ashok Chavan.

Thackeray had issued a notice on 09th September to protest against the sky rocketing prices of petrol and diesel, while extending its full support to the Bharat Bandh on next day (10th September)

A detailed press release was put out from the official handle of MNS Chief Raj Thackeray post the Bharat Bandh on Monday.



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