Ramdev raises concern on fuel price rise and lack of jobs in India

Ramdev with PM Modi

Yoga Guru Ramdev was one of the speaker guests at a youth conclave recently organized by NDTV.

He categorically stated that he had withdrawn himself politically and that he was with all parties or with no parties. He also termed himself to be a scientific sanyasi. He shared the knowledge of having more than 300 scientists at his brainchild brand, Patanjali.

At NDTV Youth Conclave

Ramdev openly discussed various aspects that could be key concerns for today’s youth in India. One of the critical issues he raised was of the frustration that is becoming a huge problem for the dynamic young people of India. In a candid conversation, he also talked about being an entrepreneur himself, creating jobs and wellness through yoga.

Ramdev, one of the biggest supporters of then Gujarat’s Chief Minister and Prime Minister Modi, was also vocal about the alarming rise in petrol and diesel prices in India. He subtly warned and hinted that this price rise can cost the Modi government dearly.

With PM Modi

Taking a dig at the Modi government, yoga guru said that PM Modi can speak, see and hear all the problems faced by the common man. He also said that PM knows that he has to necessarily take steps to bring the prices down if he wishes to be re elected as Prime Minister in the upcoming General Elections.

Moving on further, Ramdev assured that he could resolve job issues in India to a great extent by creating job opportunities through Patanjali for over 2.5 Lakhs people in next six months.

Ramdev openly asked the audience that they should question the BJP on how many jobs were provided during their tenure in past four and a half years.

He made another interesting statement saying,

“If the government lets me, and gives some relief in tax, I can give petrol diesel to India at Rs. 35-40 per litre. Fuel needs to brought under GST and not the 28 per cent rate”

“I don’t run after money. Money runs after me.”

At NDTV Conclave

Lastly, he also did a balancing act by mentioning,

“People who criticise PM Modi – it is their fundamental right. But he has done good work. Launched the Clean India mission, not allowed any major scam. Yes, some political questions are being raised about the Rafale deal.”

He also seemed to have taken a neutral position this time by stating that people who are making the cow a religious animal are wrong. Cow has no religion.

At NDTV Youth Conclave


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