CLARIFICATION : Payment to employees at Sardar Patel Statue


Dear Readers,

This morning we published a curated news article from a local Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar, which reported ‘no salaries were paid to employees working at Sardar Patel Statue for past three months’. Click Here on the link to access the original report.

However, we have received the below clarification from the authorities at Statue of Unity and we quote them as below:

1]Out of around 300 employees employed by UDS for various tasks of Statue of Unity, salary of only 8 employees’ salary was with withheld technically for non compliance of basic details for employment.

2] In couple of cases salary was not credited to the account of the person for want of correct details of Bank account furnished by employees.

3] Notwithstanding above facts it was unfortunate on the part of UDS for this delay and proper explanation is called from them.

4] It is well ensured that all employees taken by various agencies are paid salaries and wages equivalent to Govt. regulations.  They are, besides basic salary, provided all emoluments like Leave Salary, Provident Fund, Bonus Salary, Medical facilities for them and their families etc.


Below was the original article published by us today, which now carries the clarification story as well.

No salaries have been paid to employees of Sardar Patel Statue for past three months









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