Media plants fake story about Sheila Dikshit & Manmohan Singh

Sheila Dixit - Former Delhi Chief Minister

News about Delhi Congress chief Sheila Dikshit calling former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh ‘not as strong as Modi’ spread like fire. News Agency ANI was one of the first to publish this alleged quote by Dixit.

The report read that three-time chief minister said this when asked to respond on the criticism that the UPA government did not do much after the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

“Manmohan Singh, yes I agree with you, was not as strong and as determined as he (Modi) is.” 

Pro BJP news channels and handles were prompt to spread this news giving their own twists and versions:

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It was only when noted journalist Vir Sanghvi tweeted and clarified how her quote had been taken selectively and completely out of context.

He even shared the actual transcript of the controversial part of the interview:

“I asked her if people would vote for Modi because of his record on national security. This is what followed. Judge for yourself if it is a ringing endorsement of Modi.”


According to the transcript:

Dikshit: That (Balakot airstrike) is nothing strong, it is something anybody would do in that place

Vir: But he didn’t. Manmohan Singh didn’t do after the Mumbai attack

Dikshit: Manmohan Singh’s…yes I agree with you wasn’t strong or as determined as he is perhaps but then there is also the feeling that he is doing it all for politics, not that he wants to, not out of the sense of…

Later, Dikshit tweeted:

“I have seen some media is twisting my comments made in an interview. Here is what I said – it may seem to some people that Mr. Modi is stronger on terror but I think this is a poll gimmick more than anything else.”


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