Smriti Irani Sends 10,000 Sarees As Gifts To Women in Amethi


Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani has been trying hard to get a break through with the constituency of Amethi since long.

Irani, had contested the 2014 general elections against Rahul Gandhi. She had no connection whatsoever with this 72nd district of Uttar Pradesh, however, one can only guess as to why she was given a ticket from here. She also lost the seat to Gandhi by 1,07,923 votes then. Nonetheless, she has never missed any opportunity to score points over Gandhi in his constituency.


As per latest reports, Smriti Irani will be sending 10,000 sarees as gifts for the BJP’s women activists in Amethi as a Diwali gift. The BJP seems to be confident that Smriti will be  fighting elections against Rahul Gandhi once again and they are hoping that the former Human Resource Development Minister will be successful this time.

This is not the first time Irani has sent sarees for the women of Amethi. In 2014, after losing to then Congress Vice-President, she had sent sarees for those women whose villages had voted for her.

Asha Bajpai, BJP’s women wing chief in the district said that it was Didi’s (elder sister) gesture that mattered more. She also added that they would ensure that didi springs a surprise here in the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019.

Another District Chief of the party, Uma Shankar Pandey said that Smriti Irani was regularly active in Amethi and it was only natural that she emerged victorious. Pandey also urged people not to link the gift sarees, politically.


Both Congress and BJP are preparing to counter each other after Diwali when the final countdown to May 2019 elections will begin. Congress had already shown their strength of mass appeal through Rahul’s road show in Varanasi, which also happens to be Prime Minister Modi’s constituency. In fact Congress has also levelled allegations against the centre due to which the development of Amethi has been stalled.

While BJP on the other hand, is readying a list of initiatives started by Irani in the district of Amethi even after her loss.


Congress Secretary Devendra Pratap mocked the BJP theatrics of constantly using phrase, ‘despite losing’. He said,

“Sarees won’t be able to save her humiliating defeat but we will welcome her here after her loss next year. Doing something for masses despite losing is a noble thing and we would like her to keep losing elections without losing her love for Amethi.





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