Video : BJP Tamil Nadu President smiles, while her aides thrash auto rickshaw driver

Tamilsai Soundrajan - BJP Tamil Nadu President

The arrogance of some Netas do not seem to end, especially when you are from the ruling party at the center or state.

Tamilsai Soundrajan, BJP President from Tamil Nadu, is back in news, this time for showing absolute lack of empathy to a poor auto driver who questioned her on fuel price rise. During a local event, one of the auto rickshaw drivers gathered courage to ask her, that they added 3 litres petrol daily, earn Rs. 300 and give Rs. 150 as rent.
Tamilsai Soundrajan – BJP Tamil Nadu President

As per him, he dared to question the BJP leader on the suffering of the common man. He also told her that this was due to prices rising in almost everything and that they needed money for family and were not able to earn anything like this.

However, instead of listening and feeling the pain of this man, Tamilsai pretended not to hear him at all. In fact her aides right behind her, even dragged him and pushed him aside in a disrespectful manner for daring to pose such a question. While the BJP Tamil Nadu President chose to smile at the cameras when the driver was being thrashed, later the driver, Quadri said perhaps they mistook his question.

This is not the first time Tamilsai has been caught in a controversy. In a video that had surfaced online, in the beginning of September, she was heard embroiling herself in an argument with a co-passenger. The co-passenger was detained after she had allegedly raised an anti-BJP slogan. The incident occurred at Tuticorin then.
Tamilsai-Sofia Incident on Indigo Flight

A police officer was seen trying to stop the BJP TN president and asking everyone to calm down while she shouted at the passenger saying that this was not a public forum. As per reports, the passenger shouted ‘Fascist BJP down now!’

During the shouting match, the police officer had requested the BJP TN president to stop arguing.

“Please don’t, you’re a respected public figure,” the police officer said.



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