Adityanath orders action against ‘alleged’ cow slaughter, but no enquiry in murder of police inspector

Family of Inspector Subodh Kumar SIngh

This morning, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh flew out of the state again to perform his critical role as the BJP’s star and headline grabbing campaigner for the upcoming state election poll rallies in Telangana.

However, a day after the ugly riots in Bulandshahr in his state, where a police officer and a civilian lost their lives, Yogi Adityanath held a late night security review yesterday. What was shocking is that he firmly continued his focus on cow slaughter, instead of expressing regrets over the lives of two persons.


As per the official statement from the government, the Yogi administration ordered officers to speed up arrests for cow slaughter. Although, there was no direction given whatsoever on the speedy enquiry in the murder of the cop Subodh Kumar Singh. The Chief Minister was quoted in a government press release as telling officers in the meeting:

“Tough action needs to be taken against those who carried out cow slaughter.”

Another statement this morning said that Yogi will meet the family of the policeman. This statement coming after nearly 3 days clearly shows that the meeting with the family could be nothing more than silencing his critics with a tick mark.
Yogi Adityanath enjoying a sound and light show on Monday evening



Two cases were filed after the Monday incident – one for the dual murder and the other on cow slaughter. Amongst the persons held for riots and murders, there have been many on the list who have alleged links to groups affiliated to the RSS. According to a senior police officer, four persons have been arrested so far.

It is also not clear yet whether the cows had been actually slaughtered. The mob was charged in action only when the carcasses of the cattle were brought out from the forest, suggesting that the same were suspected to be slaughtered by a group of minorities.

A video has been doing the rounds on social media which suggests that cow slaughter was merely used to initiate riots. The authenticity of this video is yet to be verified.



RSS affiliated Bajrang Dal, BJP & VHP leaders are main accused in Bulandshahr violence that led to murder of Cop Subodh Kumar

We saw some heart wrenching comments from Subodh Kumar Singh’s son yesterday. A teenager who had completed his XII Boards barely knew his life was going to completely change. He questioned the government by saying ‘today it was his father, who’s father will it be next’? He also expressed utter dismay with the religion-based politics that has been playing on to garner votes.


Heart Wrenching video : “It was my father today amidst Hindu-Muslim debate, who’s father is it going to be next” #Bulandshahr



In an interview to news agency ANI earlier in the day yesterday, Singh’s sister directly alleged a conspiracy behind the killing of her brother since he was the investigating officer in Akhlaq’s case. Akhlaq was murdered in 2015 on suspicion of keeping beef at his home.


The police officer’s sister lashed out at Yogi Adityanath that he keeps saying “Cow Cow Cow” all the time, indicating that he had no priority for living beings.


Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was attacked with stones and shot dead by a mob of hundreds that chased his car and surrounded it in a field on Monday evening. The officer and his team had gone to the area to bring the protests under control after cow carcasses were found scattered in a forest. However, the mob rebounded leaving more than five policemen wounded, burned down a police station and set several vehicles on fire. A local man was also shot dead in the violence.




Yogi government issues order to cancel all weddings in Prayagraj between Jan-Mar 2019





The same evening when riots took two lives in Bulandshahr, Yogi Adityanath was seen enjoying a sound and light show. His official handle even tweeted about the same as if everything was normal, showing no empathy towards the families of the dead.



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