Hima Das Misses Training Daily as She is Busy Attending Endless Felicitations

Hima Das

The pride of Assam, fondly known as ‘Dhing Express’ Hima Das has apparently left the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) unhappy.

This is because of her inability to attend training sessions owing to the fact that she has been too busy attending felicitation programmes. After her unmatched stint, she was rightfully christened as Dhing Express after which the endless saga of felicitations began.

Hima was also awarded with the Arjuna Award, featured in several prestigious magazines in the cover and also offered a job by the State Government but she chose to join Indian Oil as HR officer.

Hima Das


However, amidst all this, it is learnt that the apex sports body of the country has got in touch with the Assam Government to persuade her to cut her 45-day break and return to camp. Notably, her coach Galina Petrova Bukharina is also back to the camp and is waiting for Hima.

The AFI is worried over the fact that she is the only world champion at this moment for India in athletic and is a great prospect considering the fact that she is just 18 and has shown tremendous progress over the past 16 months. AFI president Adile raised the matter with Assam Sorts and Youth Welfare Council Member Secretary Lakhya Konwar.

But what has worried the AFI is the continuous refusal of Hima to resume training one some or some pretext. What has worried more is the wobbling focus of Hima over her career as she seems to be more interested in her non sporting events.

Confirming this development, Konwar said that Hima has been persuaded to return and resume training from 18th October.

Hima grew up in a joint family of 17 people. Among her siblings and cousins, she was the one who stood out, the one who did things differently. When she was 15, she gathered the local village women and disrupted an illicit bootlegging business by one of her neighbours.

Another time, when a local girls’ football tournament was underway at Dhing, she went to her father. “Get me to play,” she had begged him. Yet at other times, when she was much younger, she would tell her father how she would one day fly on an airplane, and maybe even visit a foreign land.

Hima Das

Later, as Hima raced around tracks across the world, she would discuss her timings and techniques with him. And her father would wonder to himself, how his daughter’s dreams had suddenly become a reality. Her mother said she didn’t understand the sport for very long, would worry about Hima’s safety and well-being.

For most of her life, Hima Das has faced life’s challenges by running. She has run in rage and joy, after brawls and victories, and as if her life depended on it. The story of a young athlete from a village in Assam who won’t stop, not till she has outrun the clock.

Hima is an Indian sprint runner from the state of Assam. She holds the current Indian national record in 400 metres with a timing of 50.79 s that she clocked at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hima Das


No Hima, please don’t give up your flourishing career so soon, Glamour and Paparazzi are short-lived……….Records will be remembered forever!


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