Video of Afghan child rejoicing after getting an artificial limb goes viral. Do we still want War?

Afghan Boy Dancing

Whenever we Indians scream of going to war, we often forget that while war is fought between governments and military, the effects of the same can be seen on society at large.

When it comes to the number of child casualties or injuries in a war-zone, we realise whether it was ever worth it.

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In a heart touching and emotional video, a little boy named Ahmad, who lost one of his limbs in a landmine blast in Afghanistan, is seen rejoicing. The footage has gone viral online.

An overjoyed Ahmad, is dancing away after he gets back an artificial limb in International Committee of the Red Cross Orthopedic center in Afghanistan.

The little boy, who hails from the eastern Logar province of the country, is dancing on some background music after he got back a prosthetic leg in Kabul.


Afghanistan is a country which is constantly on terror radar that causes the lives of many innocents every year and the numbers in the country in 2018 are staggering.

Last year :

  • 927 Afghan children were killed in conflict, the highest number of children to ever have been killed in conflict in a single year within a specified territory, as per data collected by UNAMA
  • A total of 3,062 cases of child casualties were reported from Afghanistan in 2018 while 2017 saw 3179
  • 2018 Kabul ambulance bombing killed at least 103 people while 235 were injured when a Taliban suicide bomber exploded an ambulance laden with explosives near Sidarat Square in central Kabul, where several government offices are located
Afghan Boy Dances with Joy

Nonetheless, the smiling boy’s face has brought mixed emotions to the viewers hoping for a bright and happy future for the young one.

After the video went viral, many on Twitter came forward to provide financial assistance for the child.

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