Karnataka man beheads wife, alleges extra-marital affair

Murder Accused Husband

A shocking and never heard of incident has come to the fore yesterday. A man in Karnataka walked into the Chikkamagaluru’s Ajjampura police station holding a bag in one hand and a machete in the other.

He claimed and confessed to have killed his wife. One of the officials at the police station shot the video where the accused husband is seen narrating the chilling details of the horrific murder.

35 year old Satish, began removing the remains of the head of his wife, Roopa from a black plastic bag, and told police,

“This is my wife, sir. I gave her all the love I could”…

The officer immediately shouted and asked him, “Put it inside”.

Satish put the head back into the bag, however, continued confessing,

“She cheated on me. I saw her with that guy near the plantation. I killed her. But that guy (Roopa’s alleged paramour) ran away. I couldn’t kill him though”…

He further alleged that his wife’s alleged lover, Sunil, was a daily-wage worker and already had several criminal cases against him,

“He has three to four cases against him and still she chose him. I used to be a taxi driver. I told her that I will support us. She would go off with that guy. She would say she wanted to go to the bathroom and go to meet him…”, said Satish.

In the video, Satish seems to have lost his mental balance, pulls up the plastic bag containing his wife’s head again, holds the machete in his mouth and open the bag once more.

“Look! This is my wife. She took a loan of Rs. 3 Lakh to give to her lover and not to me. You have seen her, have you not? How many times have we not come to the police station to sort out our fights? You know, right?” Satish questioned the officers present at the police station.

Murder Accused (left) and Victim Wife (right)

The officers in turn were seen pacifying Satish and asked him to sit down and noted his statement. After taking down his version, the police then registered an FIR, as reported by IANS.

“Based on his statement, Satish suspected that his wife was cheating on him and followed her with a machete. When he saw her meet Sunil at the Nilagiri Plantation near Shivani Railway Station, he hacked at her neck”, said Cirlce Inspector Ramachandra Nayak, the investigating officer.

According to the CI Ramachandra, Satish had allegedly planed to kill both his wife and her lover, Sunil. However, somehow Sunil managed to escape when Satish reached the site.

“After taking down his statement and registering an FIR, we took him to the spot. He showed us where his wife’s body was. A case of murder has been registered and he has been remanded to judicial custody”, said CI.

As per the police, Satish and Roopa were married nine years ago and began living together since their parents had initially disapproved of their relationship. However, it was only two years ago, that Satish and Roopa moved in with his parents after they reconciled.

Ajjampura police also mentioned that when Satish and Roopa were married in 2011, the entire village of Shivani had ostracized the couple because both married outside their caste.

“Both of them are from different castes. Satish was from an upper caste while Roopa was from the OBC Community. Whey they got married, the people had pushed them out of the village. They were happy for a few years until a couple of years ago”, as quoted by SP Annamalai to the News Minute.

The SP also said that Satish and Roopa had even come to the police station several times earlier to sort their marital woes.

“For the past two years, they have been having lots of marital problems. He was always suspicious of her and kept saying that she was having an affair with many other men. We don’t know if this is true yet. We are trying to find out who this Sunil is”, said Ajjampura police.

“Last month the woman infact had come to me saying she had problems adjusting to her in-laws. Warlier, she had complaints of how he would not give her money for food. Generally in the Ajjampura area, whoever commits murder, surrenders to the police but for someone to walk in and place a head on the sub-inspector’s table was something new for us”, the police concluded.

The man has been arrested and put in police custody for a day.

“He has been charged with the IPC Section 302, which means murder. We needed his custody for a day to complete the legal formalities,” said Annamalai Kuppaswamy, a senior police officer of Chikmagalur.



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